Ending mental health stigma

We need to have a frank discussion about mental health in our community. Each May during Mental Health Month, we, as a nation, come together to raise awareness about mental health; yet, we have missed the opportunities to speak up…

We need to have a frank discussion about mental health in our community.

Each May during Mental Health Month, we, as a nation, come together to raise awareness about mental health; yet, we have missed the opportunities to speak up as individuals and communities for far too long. As mental health becomes more visible, the need for this dialogue is more important now than ever.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, one in 25 live with a serious mental illness. Further, only 44 percent of adults with diagnosable mental health problems and less than 20 percent of children and adolescents receive needed treatment. One of the main reasons people go untreated is the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Red flags indicating issues in children and adolescents’ mental health are often overlooked and dismissed. The unfortunate reality is that 50 percent of mental health conditions begin by age 14, and 75 percents begin before age 24, according to a report by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. In addition to this, approximately 50 percent of students age 14 and older with a mental illness will drop out of high school. This demonstrates the need for more early childhood mental health screenings and access to comprehensive support systems throughout a child’s education. We have also seen an 84 percent increase since 2008 in the hospitalization rate for children with serious mental illness, according to the county’s own Conditions of Children report. These statistics are indicators that we need to be doing more for mental health. That is why locally, the Orange County Health Care Agency has launched #UpliftOC to spotlight mental health because each mind matters.

Since assuming office a little more than two years ago, it has been a priority to address our mental health needs. I serve on the county’s Mental Health Board, and I have witnessed great strides toward addressing mental health in the county. Just this year, I voted to approve the addition of more Crisis Stabilization Units for children and adults. These facilities will provide medical beds for children and adults who are experiencing mental health crises that require a medical professional’s supervision. For the past 36 years, the county only had one CSU with 10 beds serving patients 18 and up exclusively. By providing more facilities to receive specialized care instead of visiting an emergency room, we can begin to more appropriately link patients with the necessary treatments to improve their quality of life, eventually facilitating a healthy transition into adulthood.

Novel Writing – Nailing the Ending Scene


Endings can be tough. You’ve slogged to complete a novel, and if they give up is horrible. It’s going to break the entire tale. On the opposite, if the finishing is memorable, readers may not mind studying a few dull scenes for your e-book. Endings can make or destroy your novel just like openings. However, writing endings is not complicated like most people suppose. Once you’ve reached the stop, it’s going to certainly drift. Sometimes, writers generally tend to feel that the ending isn’t always perfect and need to make it higher. Here are some approaches to make your finishing memorable. Before that, I would really like to speak about the principle three types of endings-

1) Happy ending
2) Ambiguous ending
three) Tragic finishing

Now, I will discuss a few certain shot approaches and sentences to stop your novel. This isn’t always maths, so please don’t get scared.


1) End of the start line-

This effect works splendidly for sentimental and self-discovery novel. The beginning line repeated in the long run or a slight version gives a complete and rounded finishing. For instance- If your novel begins with the sentence ‘I can by no means overlook that day,’ it may stop with exactly the identical line after all of the events have occurred or a slight variation. This works best for the novel in which the story is advised after the events have taken place (something like Titanic) or the author has a clear photograph of the ending. These varieties of endings do now not work properly for horror or mystery novels, which thrive on suspense. Revealing the ending inside the starting can damage the impact of such novels.

saying goodbye to a relationship

2) Ambiguous endings-

These work properly for horror and thrillers, mainly mental horror. Mirrors (a horror movie), The Ring, One Missed Call, and The Grudge all have this sort of finishing. Leaving the reader’s spine bloodless and blood frozen is the goal of horror and mystery novels, and an ambiguous or abysmal finishing is ideal to acquire this impact. Much like the previous ending, this finishing comes a full circle when the character discovers he/she is in the same position after an extended struggle, which can be terrifying. This finishing achieves the equal effect as the preceding one without ruining the suspense.

3) The title of the ebook- Another memorable manner to stop.

The Importance of Mental Maths


A part of the mind is chargeable for effective calculation, and if unexplored, it fails to increase properly. For this motive, it will become important to educate intellectual maths in youngsters within the age gap of five to 10 years. This, in flip, improves their capacity to apply 4 arithmetic regulations at a high pace to gain answers without the use of any tools. Several factors make this a crucial part of getting to know.

– It creates excellent concentration ranges.
– Improves the listening skills
– Improves self-esteem and patience
– Application skills are advanced.
– Comprehension and calculation capabilities are improved.
– It creates a better reminiscence and sharp statement.
– Children develop logical wondering and plotting, which is crucial.

One of the most crucial elements to consider is the manipulation of numbers in the head. Creating a wide variety of experiences is one of the maximum critical steps in understanding this aim. This is the easy motive. It contains estimation, dimension, and location cost. This idea, in turn, makes it smooth for college kids to memorize math information easily. The fine manner to educate mental maths is to thread random numbers and ask students to locate the answer. To impact this with no trouble, it is consequently important to train kids to conceptualize the mathematical process. As they discover ways to perform these calculations within the mind, speed to find answers is also established.

As college students end up extra accustomed to running with numbers, it will become easier to supply instance tests. However, if they have not learned the principles, it’s far advisable to stay away from this approach because it handiest serves to worsen the students without turning in any consequences. At this point, it’s far critical to state that instructors must now not use any manipulative strategies to teach college students. Rather, they ought to consciousness on coaching them to think and reason mathematically. The maximum critical manner of ensuring that intellectual maths idea is frequent and ingrained in college students is incorporating it into the day by day software.

Also, note that it isn’t so much approximately the duration of the exercising as it’s miles approximately the frequency of wearing it out in mental maths. Constant practice is what brings out the excellent in college students.

Brown Rice and Brownie Points for HealthHealth

When you notice a weight-conscious individual or a diabetic turning away reluctantly from a ladle of rice, you can not assist but sigh with sympathy. After all, rice has the unlucky popularity of being on the opposite side of health.

However, modern life and advanced statistics about food classes, sourcing, processing, and distribution have enabled us to make smarter and now not-so-tougher choices.

Take the case of brown rice.

When you save for a reliably-natural and fitness-oriented brown rice, you make an informed choice approximately going for something that works higher than different rice forms for its range of factors. It has a lower glycemic index than many others, which makes it a higher choice for the ones involved with glucose and carbohydrate ranges.

Since brown rice is commonly made from each the bran and germ at the side of the endosperm part of the grain, its fiber factor and the fitness gain go up a notch. Its nutrients value is higher, and being a gradual carb or a complicated carbohydrate lets it make sure that the sugar stages will not spike without delay when you consume it.

It is likewise a tremendously slowly-digestible shape of rice, so it helps with different fitness concerns. The presence of good enough fiber and minerals like magnesium, selenium, manganese assigns many other fitness factors to this class. When it’s far hand-pounded, like inside the case of Sona ma Suri raw rice, the richness, and organic impact rise manifold. Other rice paperwork comes from rice generators, and for this reason, their chemical factor is better for apparent reasons.

It is encouraging to see the developing adoption of each natural brown and Sona ma Suri white rice within India’s culinary communities. The ease with which a various range of arrangements may be also be made makes it stand similarly high on taste because it does at the health plank.
The vitamins are kept intact in a richer and greater absorbable shape because of their processing specifics and organic growth. The presence of LDL cholesterol and Trans fat is also considerably low in this organization. Further, the distinction in expenses when one compares the medium/brief grain variety to a basmati range makes for an additional thing for this desire.

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