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    Kelo and the all-or-nothing approach to constitutional property rights

    Prominent legal scholar Jedediah Purdy these days posted a review of my book The grasping Hand: Kelo v. metropolis of new London v. the limits of Eminent area, in which he expressed first-rate skepticism approximately the desirability of strengthening judicial safety for property rights. Evan Bernick of the Institute for Justice (the public interest group […]

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    At Virginia home of President Monroe, a sizable revision of history

    For many years, tourists have visited the historic domestic of James Monroe outside of Charlottesville, Va., and have encountered the old fashioned — if no longer underwhelming — residence of the country’s 5th president. Located within the Blue Ridge, the plantation known as Highland, in which Monroe lived from 1799 to 1823, has stood in […]

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    D.C. residents fret over shelter plan, citing crime and property values

    The people of Massachusetts street Heights have long cherished their neighborhood now not for what it has, however what it doesn’t. Buffered by using the Washington national Cathedral and the vice president’s residence, this affluent network of million-greenback homes has stayed small and quiet whilst developers had their manner with busier neighborhoods. however, citizens now […]

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    Leggett trims proposed property tax increase

    1st viscount montgomery of alamein County executive Isiah Leggett introduced Wednesday that he has trimmed the residential belongings tax increase he proposed last month, mentioning new nation law that eases fiscal fallout from remaining year’s excellent courtroom ruling that Maryland’s profits tax device changed into unconstitutional. It turned into Leggett’s second consequential economic message this […]

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    Scalia and constitutional property rights

    When Antonin Scalia joined the supreme court docket in 1986, belongings rights were honestly the “poor relation” of constitutional regulation. Most judges, such as even many conservatives, believed that the courts ought to in large part stay out of belongings rights issues. Justice Scalia did a good deal to trade that. During his thirty years […]

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    Advantages of Kitchen Granite Countertops

    Whether you are looking to remodel your old kitchen or build an entirely new one, you must be looking at different materials that you can use in its construction and renovation. One of the most beautiful materials to use for a kitchen countertop is granite. In addition to being absolutely solid, it is quite beautiful […]

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    What life is like after police ransack your house and take ‘every belonging’ — then the charges are dropped

    A self-described Michigan “soccer mom” who had “every belonging” taken from her circle of relatives in a 2014 drug raid has been cleared of all criminal costs, 19 months after heavily armed drug challenge force members ransacked her home and her business. however, in lots of ways, her ordeal is the simplest starting. Annette Shattuck […]

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