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we’re high up in the Gherkin in the metropolis of London and Garry Sidaway, director of protection strategy at Integralis, a wi-fi which advises authorities agencies, pharmaceutical and wi-fiwiwireless services multinationals, is giving my computer a safety MOT. “You do not have anti-virus software program, I see,” he says, a hint of mockery in his voice....Continue reading »

regular readers of this column will understand of my respect and affection for trackday iconoclast and safety pioneer Don Salisbury. After 30 years of...Continue reading »

the general condition of your living surroundings influences your personal productivity. working in a clustered and messy environment has the ability to...Continue reading »

if you work in an office there’s a good hazard you’ll spend round 8 hours a day looking at a display. Even if you are retired you’ll probable use a day-to-day or tablet for hours every day. while it’s day-to-day every day have so many records at our fingertips, immoderate display screen time is not right on your eyes. daily and nurses at Moorfields Eye health center...Continue reading »

We talk to Ollie Bray, the national Adviser for rising technologies in gaining knowledge of at schooling Scotland, approximately how gaming may be used in education. With a hit and varied profession as a teacher, head of department and college leader, Ollie believes that one of the many advantages gaming brings to education is giving teachers a risk to innovate and do...Continue reading »

There are at the leastintegrated integrated forms ofintegrated desktop pc: all-integrated-ones with touch monitors, and high-stop gamintegratedg rigs. traditional desktops are dull and almost no person writes approximately them. however, integrated this situation, I built-ink dull is best. the precise desktop is one that mabuiltintegrated on built-inrunnbuiltintegrated...Continue reading »

Meaning evaluating all your passwords — and converting them in case you haven’t in some time. You’ll also want to update your software and take inventory...Continue reading »

deciding on fundamental computer hardware — monitor, keyboard and mouse — is typically an afterthought when shopping for a computer. but it...Continue reading »

It becomes round this time ultimate yr I began to worry a little. the newness of the summer holidays had started to wear off and the worry started out to settle in. After more than one year of teaching ICT, I was getting a bit bored with churning out coursework and became looking for a brand new project that could surely make my students think. don’t get me incorrect,...Continue reading »

1. Secure WEBMAIL WITH EXTENSIONS builtintegrated’re built-inthe use of a famous webmail carrier, consistbuiltintegrated Gmail or Yahoo Mail, and also you don’t or can’t make the switch to a more comfy carrier, then don’t forget built-ing Mailvelope. Mailvelope is a browser extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that brbuilt-ings OpenPGP encryption...Continue reading »