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    10 ways to keep your internet identity safe from hackers

    we’re high up in the Gherkin in the metropolis of London and Garry Sidaway, director of protection strategy at Integralis, a wi-fi which advises authorities agencies, pharmaceutical and wi-fiwiwireless services multinationals, is giving my computer a safety MOT. “You do not have anti-virus software program, I see,” he says, a hint of mockery in his […]

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    7 Tips to Organize Your Work Space and Stay Productive

    the general condition of your living surroundings influences your personal productivity. working in a clustered and messy environment has the ability to preserve you distracted and in maximum cases, create bad energy. even as a little may supply excuses approximately their space obstacles, there are creative methods to hold your tempo neat and organized while […]

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    Game on: using computer games to captivate your class

    We talk to Ollie Bray, the national Adviser for rising technologies in gaining knowledge of at schooling Scotland, approximately how gaming may be used in education. With a hit and varied profession as a teacher, head of department and college leader, Ollie believes that one of the many advantages gaming brings to education is giving […]

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    What should I look for when buying a desktop PC?

    There are at the leastintegrated integrated forms ofintegrated desktop pc: all-integrated-ones with touch monitors, and high-stop gamintegratedg rigs. traditional desktops are dull and almost no person writes approximately them. however, integrated this situation, I built-ink dull is best. the precise desktop is one that mabuiltintegrated on built-inrunnbuiltintegrated quietly and reliably for wi-fiwiwireless years or extra. […]

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    the big apple — Spring cleansing isn’t just about tossing vintage furnishings and torn clothing

    Meaning evaluating all your passwords — and converting them in case you haven’t in some time. You’ll also want to update your software and take inventory of your private facts on gadgets and on-line. a little “cyber hygiene” can move a protracted manner in guarding your self from identity theft or other internet attacks. earlier, […]

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    Computer Expert: Tips For Selecting Computer Software

    deciding on fundamental computer hardware — monitor, keyboard and mouse — is typically an afterthought when shopping for a computer. but it is a completely critical part of how a laptop works for a person. So, how does a person decide what is first-rate? there are such a lot of alternatives and it could be […]

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