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It’s miles a regularly quoted metaphor: mental health troubles must be seen like a damaged leg (ie not shameful, no longer the fault of the go through who is in need of well-wishing and support). Even as this analogy can assist project stigma (and that virtually wishes to take place) and address the need for intellectual and physical health to be visible as same,...Continue reading »

By means of any trendy, final week became a large one for mental health. David Cameron turned into promising a “mental health revolution” and proclaiming a £1bn annual boost for offerings through 2020, and there was the long-expected document from an impartial taskforce for NHS England that lays bare the chronically underfunded state of intellectual fitness offerings...Continue reading »

ith a robust consciousness on prevention, the intellectual fitness taskforce record ought to prove pivotal in creating a mentally more healthy country. It’s miles widely known that there’s a disparity in resources between physical and intellectual fitness. however, it’s no longer only in investment that intellectual fitness lags at the back of, it’s additionally...Continue reading »

Fruit juices and smoothies represent a new chance to our health due to the quantity of sugar the reputedly wholesome beverages contain, warn america scientists who blew the whistle on corn syrup in soft beverages a decade ago. Barry Popkin and George Bray pointed the finger at excessive fructose corn syrup in tender drinks in 2004, causing a massive headache for the big...Continue reading »

A leaked document by using a central authority taskforce has painted a devastating picture of england’s intellectual fitness offerings, revealing that the number of human beings killing themselves is soaring, that three-quarters of these with psychiatric situations aren’t being helped, and that ill youngsters are being sent “nearly anywhere in the u. s. a.”...Continue reading »

Assisting greater than a further a million people with mental health issues is laudable (NHS vows to convert mental health services with extra £1bn a year, 15 February). But most effective if remedy is powerful. Infection of the thoughts is inherently more hard to diagnose than illness of the body. And remedy results are more uncertain. For example, the plenty vaunted...Continue reading »

The Care quality fee’s (CQC) annual record into the operating of the mental health Act reveals annoying trends in coercive practices via psychiatric services. Compared with the previous yr, 2012 saw a 5% growth in involuntary detentions in hospital, and a 10% increase in the use of network remedy orders (CTOs, which require psychiatric sufferers currently well and...Continue reading »

People with intellectual health problems are more likely to smoke, and smoke more closely, than the general populace, and they’re often left out on the subject of offering help to stop. The economic cost of smoking in humans with mental fitness issues changed into £2.34bn in 2009/10 in the united kingdom, in keeping with a new examine posted within the magazine Tobacco...Continue reading »

The NHS health check offered to anybody from the age of 40 is having little effect, according to investigate, preventing few heart assaults or strokes and failing to cut the numbers of individuals who smoke. The “fitness MOT” presented every 5 years to human beings between 40 and 74 is supposed to identify those at risk of cardiovascular disorder and help them improve...Continue reading »

The word “in case you’re not paying, you are the product” can be familiar inside tech circles, but the message is still sinking in for lots users of unfastened apps. The today’s sector under scrutiny for privateness issues is the burgeoning health apps marketplace, with a record claiming that 20 of the maximum popular apps are sharing their users’...Continue reading »