How to Fight a Fungal Infection

Summary show Do you suspect that you have a fungal infection? See a Doctor If Symptoms Are Serious Anti-Fungal Ointments Sprays Let Your Skin Breathe Understanding Peptides & Fungal Infections Using a Powder to Manage Moisture Do you suspect that…

Do you suspect that you have a fungal infection?

There are millions of different types of fungi, and hundreds of them can infect humans and other species. Some are relatively minor, but certain fungal infections can be very serious, even deadly. Recognizing fungal infections early on and fighting them with the right treatments is always a good idea.

Fungal Infection

In the world we live in, fungal infections are hard to avoid. Even people who live very sterile lives are exposed to fungi frequently. Fungi live in plants, soil, and even on human skin. It’s just part of our great extensive ecosystem. Most of the time, fungal infections occur when there is a cut or another opening in the skin. The fungus finds its way in and grows inside, triggering an immune response that results in infection and potentially worsens symptoms.

If you spot a fungal infection on yourself or someone you know, it’s a good idea to seek treatment quickly. You can do things to fight fungal infection and limit its impact on your immune system. Here are some essential tips you can use to fight off an infection.

See a Doctor If Symptoms Are Serious

First, we should state that anyone with adverse symptoms should seek medical help immediately. It’s not worth trying any other remedy when your life’s on the line. Doctors have access to potent prescription drugs that you can’t find online or in the store. If you’re worried, go to the hospital. If symptoms persist no matter what else you try, go see a doctor see if they can help.

Anti-Fungal Ointments

Most of the time, fungal infections can be treated topically with an ointment that you can find in the drug section of most stores. Fungal infections include things like ringworm and athlete’s foot. These aren’t debilitating infections but are more like annoyances. Still, you want to resolve them quickly, and buying an over-the-counter ointment will help treat symptoms like itching and redness, and eventually, the infection will go away.


Some sprays help control the spread of fungal infections. Particularly for athletes’ feet, a high-quality spray can help retain moisture and eradicate the spread of the fungal infection. Read the instructions on the outside of the spray can first. This will tell you the best way to apply the medicine before using it.

Let Your Skin Breathe

No matter what you put on the fungal infection, your skin needs room to breathe and be kept dry for the best results. You should wear loose-fitting clothing and keep your infected area as clean and dry as possible. You want to eradicate the environmental factors that led to the infection in the first place. That may mean changing the shoes you wear or how clean you keep your bathroom that you’re walking around barefoot in.

Understanding Peptides & Fungal Infections

According to recent studies on mice, research peptides may help with fungal infections. PT-141 is a modified synthetic version of “alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone”. PT-141 binds with MC-1R, which has been found in research to have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. In the study, PT 141 is being explored as a possible anti-fungal treatment to help reduce the morbidity of serious infections. PT141 is not yet approved by the FDA for human use. PT141 is still undergoing more research to determine future medical possibilities.

Using a Powder to Manage Moisture

Fungi thrive in moist, dark environments. That’s the reason you often find mold in corners of your basement or old refrigerators. It’s the same for the human body. If you’re sweating a lot or live in a humid part of the world, it is easier for fungus to grow and infect people. Using a powder to keep things dry is an excellent way to prevent and fight off fungal infections. You can find a lot of brand-name and generic talcum powders to help manage moisture on your feet, the groin area, and under armpits, all areas susceptible to fungal infections.

Effective and rapid treatment will help keep any fungal infection in check and prevent its spread. The earlier you notice any sort of redness, bumps on the skin, and other disease symptoms, the sooner you should immediately start to treat the area. Try different things to see what works. Above all, keep things as clean and dry as possible.

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