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    Where Mobile SEO Services Find The Biggest Problems

    Most business owners are familiar with the need for mobile SEO. After all, nearly half of web traffic today comes from a mobile phone. SEO remains essential, but SEO focused on that mobile traffic only continues to grow in importance. Mobile SEO services, though, tend to only focus on a few things. Wondering why? If […]

  • Internet
    America’s poor can now get cheaper Internet access

    Federal regulators have approved a historic expansion of subsidies for the poor, fleshing out for the primary time a set of Reagan-generation discounts on smartphone provider to include domestic net get right of entry to. The three-2 vote via the Federal Communications fee Thursday will permit roughly 40 million Americans on food stamps, Medicaid, or […]

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    India, Egypt say no thanks to free Internet from Facebook

    ALWAR, India — Connecting humans to the internet isn’t smooth in this impoverished farming district of wheat and millet fields, wherein running camels may be glimpsed along roads that curve via the low-slung Aravalli Hills. So when Facebook leader government Mark Zuckerberg helicoptered in about 12 months ago to visit a small pc lab and […]

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    How a forgotten ‘90s dance hit made these Terps Internet famous

    Life sounds distinct currently for Jared Nickens, Jaylen Brantley, and Damonte Dodd. Once they went to a Maryland girls’ lacrosse sport, adults approached them and asked them to dance whilst displaying their own moves. (“They have been awful,” Dodd mentioned.) Band individuals at the game commenced singing in the general direction of Dodd and Nickens. […]

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    Is it ‘Internet’ or ‘internet?’ The Internet can’t agree.

    Inside the summer, the “internet” will become the “internet,” as a minimum in line with the related Press’s widely-observed stylebook. The alternate became introduced over the weekend at the American Copy Editors Society’s annual assembly, at once placing off a spherical of arguments approximately whether “internet” with a lowercase “i” is a superb or a […]

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    New data: Americans are abandoning wired home Internet

    For the maximum component, America’s internet-utilization tendencies can be summed up in some phrases. The internet is now so common as to be a commodity; the rich have better internet than the bad; greater whites have internet than do people of shade. Compared with low-profit minorities, affluent whites are much more likely to have constant, […]

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    California jurors misusing the Internet could face fines

    SAN FRANCISCO — Jurors who threaten to derail trials by learning them on Google or posting feedback approximately them on Twitter are often brushed off with not anything extra than a tongue-lashing from a decision. But which could quickly exchange in California. Regulation supported by way of country court docket officials might authorize judges in […]

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    Comments are making the internet worse. So we got rid of them.

    In February 2009, large law corporations were in crisis. The inventory marketplace become in free fall, Lehman Brothers had recently collapsed, and rumors of attorney layoffs and company implosions had been rampant. At Above the law, the criminal news internet site I founded in 2006, my colleague Elie Mystal and I had been masking the […]