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    Mac OS is a series of graphical user interface–based

    There was a assure inside the tech publishing business: in case you wrote “Mac vs. laptop” in a headline, your feedback segment could fill with zealots hurling abuse like “Mac tax,” “Microsoft Windoze,” and “Sheeple” at each other. That’s not to mention PCMag‘s remark sections do not mild up anymore whilst we do an Apple […]

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    WWDC 2014: Apple demos Mac OS 10.10 ‘Yosemite’, its latest desktop software

    Apple’s Mac OSX software program has had a radical layout overhaul, brbuilt-ingintegratedg its laptop and smartphone software nearer together, and integratedtroducbuilt-ing a new characteristic referred to as “Contintegrateduity” that lets customers without problems switch between the two. Contbuilt-inuity built-inbuiltintegrated a diffusion to the agency’s AirDrop software, built-inallowbuiltintegrated users to send files to and fro between […]

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    Dear Apple: Please use these ideas to modernize the Mac

    I took a holiday final month. I traveled a few. I read loads. And I refurbished an old late 2008 MacBook Pro, one of the authentic aluminum unibody fashions. I absolutely took it aside, dusted it out, positioned it returned together, and glued in a reminiscence and SSD upgrade. That is the form of issue […]

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    After hiatus, in-the-wild Mac backdoors are suddenly back

    After taking a hiatus, Mac malware is back, with three newly located lines which have get admission to the Web cameras, password keychains, and pretty plenty every different useful resource on an infected device. The first one, dubbed Eleanor with the aid of researchers at antivirus company Bitdefender, is hidden inner EasyDoc Converter, a malicious […]

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    Buying a 2d-hand Apple Mac in India? 5 things to preserve in thoughts

    A lot of human beings have apprehensions while shopping for a 2nd-hand Apple Mac, that is ok because one usually has no information about the device’s past history. Sure, there are dangers involved, including purchasing a non-working model or a stolen product. In reality, there have been instances in the past where sellers misinformed me […]

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    Apple is Patenting a Way for Siri to Whisper

    The patent filing says Siri ought to stumble on while a user is whispering and reply in like the style. The function should make Siri more beneficial—or as a minimum extra applicable—in conditions where loud voices are unwelcome or the reaction may be embarrassing. Apple offers up examples such as the usage of Siri in […]

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    Snapchat Launches Mac App to Let Creatives Build Customized

    Snapchat these days introduced “Lens Studio,” an all-new application for Mac and Windows computers that lets creatives and developers create their personal augmented truth results. Although all of us can use Lens Studio, the corporation referred to that it changed into built with gear aimed toward folks who “dabble” in 2D animation effects, in addition […]

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    Caught among Mac and Windows

    As Mick Jagger once moaned into a microphone, you can not continually get what you need — and computers are not an exception. Windows-powered computer systems are still a number of the most famous model’s money should purchase. But with their razor-sharp aesthetics and user-friendly side, Apple’s slew of MacBooks are hiking their way to […]

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