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    Start Your Business: 2 Apps That Really Help

    There is an app for pretty much everything nowadays. Groceries, taxis, black automobiles, valet parking, haircuts, even tailors and dog walkers can all be ordered on demand out of your telephone. There are even apps that could make beginning a commercial enterprise out of your smartphone simpler than ever. From crafting a business plan to […]

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    Food delivery apps to check out in Sacramento

    Here are a number of the alternatives in Sacramento: FoodJets: The business enterprise is based in Sacramento and simplest can provide inside the vicinity. The app delivery provider starts at $2.99 and gets slightly higher depending on the gap from the eating place. A small service fee is applied to some restaurant orders. The FoodJets […]

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    Uber launches Freight app for trucking businesses

    Uber today found out its new app: Freight, a spin-off of the popular trip-sharing carrier geared toward lengthy-haul truckers. If the promotional video is anything to move by using, Uber Freight works further to Uber. Drivers pick out an to be had load thru the app, taken care of by means of payment, vacation spot, […]

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    The best apps for fertility

      “An app for fertility and past,” Glow targets to illuminate fitness thru facts and empower people with new information about their bodies. Glow has an elegant and complicated interface that tracks fertility and ovulation to help improve reproductive fitness. Glow facts your duration, forty exceptional health symptoms, temper, sexual activity, and medicinal drugs, and […]

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    Smartphone users are becoming app-crazy

    Most human beings at the moment are dealing with their lives with apps. A new worldwide document has located that phone users in India generally tend to get right of entry to over 30 apps per month on a mean, almost 10 apps per day. Another survey has mentioned that apps related to news, content […]

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    Four Android apps that put SMS on your desktop

    When you’re cranking away at the laptop, stopping to answer a textual content message may be an annoying interruption. Yes, it’s very much the definition of a first international hassle, however, that doesn’t suggest it’s no longer something well worth solving. The fix is to enroll in with a provider that syncs your text messages […]

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    The quiet power of Android’s custom launchers

    A launcher can change the way you interact with your tool It can make your life simpler. It can make it less complicated so that you can get right of entry to the items you need — making pertinent info available with a look or with a short tap, swipe, or pinch in just the […]

  • Android

    Android O is now in beta Google I/O is right here and at the display, Google announced Android O is in beta — which means that in case you’re a developer, or simply an Android hobbyist, you could now get the brand new and best version of Android on your phone. Keep in thoughts, the […]

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