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The Kolkata sports fan: a portrait

In November 2014 I went to the Salt Lake Stadium to watch a match in the newly launched Indian Super League football tournament. It was the slick, loud, much-hyped alternative to the older, organic national football league. It featured a host of aging global stars playing for franchises owned or…

MGM CEO bets big on sports

In a town made famous by using its glittering lights and clanging coins, the raucous cheer of rabid fanatics is becoming more familiar and critical. In their inaugural season, the NHL’s most modern franchise, the Golden Knights, is packing them into T-Mobile Arena, charging price tag prices better than the…


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Blogger Sentence Shows Vietnam Fed Up

TAIPEI — Vietnam’s 10-yr sentence for a blogger who questioned her government’s reaction to a poisonous chemical flap joins a % of movements that factor to developing official impatience with an online complaint of graft and perceived inefficiency. A Vietnamese appellate court docket Thursday upheld the sentence for blogger Nguyen…

Life on the edge in eastern Ukraine

“My cat’s eyes were so extensive, he turned into additionally very afraid,” Diana tells us the matter of factly. The 10-12 months-old is explaining what passed off in the course of a recent day of extreme shelling in Avdiivka, her homeland at the frontline of east Ukraine’s extra than three-12…

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The Latest: States warming up internet-neutrality complaints

State lawyers preferred at the moment are threatening lawsuits against the federal government’s repeal of “internet neutrality” rules. New York’s lawyer widespread says he’s going to lead a multistate lawsuit to stop the Federal Communications Commission’s rollback of regulations that guaranteed identical get right of entry to to the net.…

Casualties of the Cashless Society: Those Who Get Seasonal Tips

As 2018 looms, the sunrise of a cashless society feels handy. Don’t agree with it? Try throwing a couple $20 payments at the table subsequent time you’re splitting the check. Or better yet, ask absolutely everyone not status behind coins sign in to break a $10 invoice. While the upward…

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How One Apollo 8 Photo Changed the World

Forty-9 years ago, Apollo 8 succeeded as the first manned undertaking to the moon. On Dec. 21, 1968, three astronauts blasted off from Florida and left the Earth’s orbit. Frank Borman, James Lovell Jr., and Bill Anders were aboard the historic spacecraft that orbited the moon. Anders becomes venture photographer,…

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