Beauty and the Beast review at Brunton Theatre

Mark Cox’s all-too-short Beauty and the Beast is a ceremonial dinner of fart gags, neighborhood preferences, and target market participation with a scream of a ghost scene that ensures the lungs of nearby school kids are properly exercised. Those searching…

Mark Cox’s all-too-short Beauty and the Beast is a ceremonial dinner of fart gags, neighborhood preferences, and target market participation with a scream of a ghost scene that ensures the lungs of nearby school kids are properly exercised.

Those searching out barely extra state-of-the-art pantomime fare can be much less glad. There’s simply one frock for Keith McLeish’s Dame Agnes, though this is greater indicative of the country of the Brunton’s price range than its aspirations.

Mark Cox and David Goodall’s script is oddly missing in substance. The bones of it paintings nicely enough, regardless of atrocious instances in which the narrative is carried by way of a voice-over. But it’s miles rather peremptory, at the same time as Agnes and son Angus (Martin Murphy) have too little to do.

David Goodall’s current tune desire, but, is big and covers a huge variety of patterns. Eilidh Weir gives the display’s truly memorable overall performance as an evidently captivating Katie – a bonny Beauty to James Boal’s Beast – and she or he also has the voice and variety to match every fashion asked of her.

The craft is there – Julie Coombe’s Modena and Mat Urey’s henchman, Murdo, don’t truly deserve their boos, however, they realize the way to earn them – it just desires greater substance.

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