Former major left X-rated pictures on school computer systems

The former principal of a New York middle college had X-rated photos of herself in sex acts on metropolis-issued laptops and sexted with directors simultaneously as on duty, a Department of Education probe determined. Annie Seifullah, leader of Robert F.…

The former principal of a New York middle college had X-rated photos of herself in sex acts on metropolis-issued laptops and sexted with directors simultaneously as on duty, a Department of Education probe determined.

Annie Seifullah, leader of Robert F. Wagner Jr. Secondary School of Arts and Technology, additionally took a paid ill day to testify in court docket for her boyfriend, a dad on the college says a DOE file filed in a courtroom.

She also sublet a rental to one in every one of her teachers — and used him to babysit her son.

The ex-boyfriend, PTA president Robert Sofia, accused Saifullah of having sex inside the faculty with other men.

Sam Goldsmith, a DOE chief of personnel who later dated Seifullah, informed probers she admitted to him she had “intercourse at college” with a defendant.

But the DOE’s Office of Special Investigations could not substantiate the one’s allegations. Seifullah denied ever having sex inside the school.


Seifullah spent hours emailing with Goldsmith throughout work hours, calling one stretch “a cyber-flirtation explosion.” She additionally sexted with the assistant predominant of PS five in

The Bronx, Dany Velazquez, who texted after a go to her college that “the following time they met they could have interaction ensure sexual pastime,” the file says.

Investigators located express pix of Seifullah in a threesome with some other man and a woman on her DOE laptops. She accused Sofia of putting them there as revenge.

Seifullah, removed as primary in May 2014, remains on the city payroll as a tenured trainer pending termination prices.

Her lawyer, Peter Gleason, filed a sex-discrimination lawsuit in Brooklyn Supreme Court remaining June, accusing the DOE of treating her more harshly than male personnel.

“The DOE’s personal investigators concluded Annie changed into falsely accused of sexual misconduct within the school. Instead of restoring her to her previous role, the DOE positioned a scarlet letter upon her and dealt with her as cannon fodder,” he informed The Post.

How To Get Into The Field Of Computer Science

Computer technology is the aggregate of theories, packages, and ideas, bringing approximately the information entry. This technological know-how involves analyzing the mechanization, expression of algorithms, and structure, which can be systematic procedures for solving troubles. Computing, however, does now not continually entail computer systems. Actually, those sorts of troubles have been present lengthy earlier than computers did. They are available these days issues may even be solved manually as opposed to a computer. The data which laptop scientists observed, system, store, and produce is often programmed into a laptop reminiscence in either bytes orbits. Bits assist inside transmitting files among machines, whereas bytes are the most primary units used to degree records and garage. Technology discovers the transmitting of records.


Engineering technological know-how began becoming a fast-growing area in the Nineteen Forties as the technological age develops. Scientists think computer systems are a critical part of the world, and a time will come whilst anyone may have computer systems. It’s a greater complicated subject than just writing programs or constructing computers. Computer scientists study issues to find out if they can be calculated, evaluate algorithms to decide the great answer, design and create computer systems to carry out specs from research, create encoding languages to bring these algorithms, and follow algorithms to application domain names or sets of software program structures which share design features.

Men of technological know-how can make paintings inside any industry or subject because pc competencies are without difficulty transferred into many regions. Scientists, mathematicians, and engineers all use computer science, but those who paintings inside the humanities, remedy, schooling, and law regularly rent the standards of this technological know-how additionally. Computing technology is also used to explain scientific ideas like predicting earthquake styles, information theories just like the Big Bang, and genetics. Computer technological know-how is regarding solving issues at its essential stage. Scientists need to be amazing analytical thinkers. He/she desires to have the dedication to continue with something until a particular answer is determined. Technology calls for the usage of cause to evaluate solutions and revise plans to get the right solution. As finding solutions requires quite a few time, scientists want to have a lot of patience.

Maintaining a major in computing may also cause careers in software program engineering, system management, laboratory improvement and research, and plenty greater. Men of technological know-how normal duties include developing new uses for computers, designing and enforcing software, planning and dealing with technological infrastructures, and growing answers to pc troubles. A laptop scientist’s ability to modify to new technologies is crucial.


When thinking about a degree in engineering, there are dour matters to think about: the personal degree of dedication, schooling degree, necessities for admission, and specialized applications. A diploma in laptop technological know-how is basically offered via technology and can be part of a college or bigger college, or an unbiased college. The pinnacle engineering technological know-how ranges are commonly available from schools that have a graduate diploma software. Schools like these are capable of attracting top-notch faculty and comprise dedicated assets to this school. There are two types of packages available whilst searching for a computer technological know-how diploma: college and investigative college. College applications usually closing for two-four years and are targeted on realistic abilities. However, there are many theoretical courses. However, the big majority of this system is focused on accomplishing the realistic talents had to succeed in this career. The university applications are commonly for four-five years. The predominant focus is on the theoretical know-how and facts required to strengthen the computing subject. While sensible competencies are taught, the primary attention is to provide a holistic view of pc technology as a profession and the talent to transport in that discipline.

Choosing the best faculty should be based on your private targets, ability stages, and achievements. A candid evaluation of your excessive college marks, stage of the effort, and devotion is a strong indication to help you determine which school is an exception for you. Choose a college in which you may be challenged and be triumphant. An awesome pc science degree software needs to provide each student with a pc and have available in most of their school rooms laptop workstations. Engineering is a real technological ability that’s found out pleasant through practice, coming across new and rising technology, and exposure to one-of-a-kind programs. In these applications, the workload could be hefty and require continued entry to pc sources and gadgets.

Seek an application that allows focusing on something which you are inquisitive about. This can soak up biomechanics, robotics, high-pace computing centers, or machine integration. Search for additional publications, process placement packages, internships, and other tools to help you get a process after graduation. You need to have high college guides in technology, English, computers, and calculus if you want to qualify for admission into a laptop technological know-how degree program.

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