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K, simply writing approximately getting a new pc turned into sufficient for us. Joy went online and bought a brand new HP with an Intel i7 processor and 12 gigabytes of RAM. The vintage all-in-one has been cleared — we…

K, simply writing approximately getting a new pc turned into sufficient for us. Joy went online and bought a brand new HP with an Intel i7 processor and 12 gigabytes of RAM. The vintage all-in-one has been cleared — we suggest absolutely cleared — for drop-off at Goodwill. Perhaps a person will want to attempt putting in a Linux operating device.

In an “HP Envy Bundle,” the PC got here from Amazon, a $650 deal that included a refurbished “HP 750-137cb” computer, an excellent 27-inch monitor, Bang & Olufsen audio system with brilliant sound excellent, a wireless keyboard and mouse. The velocity is extraordinary, the screen is large and as sharp as a luxurious TV. And it has a two-terabyte hard force. Joy copied an extra than 12,000 documents from the old to the new pc in about ten seconds.


On the disadvantage, this all got here and not using documentation in any way, just a card announcing the person guide became probably pre-mounted. It wasn’t. But Bob first taught Joy a way to positioned laptop additives collectively back in 1993. She’s had a variety of experience seeing that then, and it was no problem.

As soon as Joy set it up, Bob desired one. They don’t name it “Envy” for not anything. Joy went out into the Amazon world to get some other one, which this time became indexed for simply $500, and … It grew to become out to be a fake listing.

That’s a brand new twist, something we by no means encountered earlier than. Amazon did have one extra Envy package, however for $1, three hundred, twice the price we paid. It had fewer functions and no display.

Is there a moral to this tale? You wager: Sometimes the Internet lies to us. Bob decided to look what type of offers might be to be had after Christmas.

How to transfer stuff

A reader writes that he has yet to switch his stuff from an old pc to the brand new one and have any guidelines. There are several ways to head.

You could use a provider from Office Depot or Staples or go online to HelpHelpNow.Com. Or you could use the $15 application, “PC Mover Express.” It transfers your documents and favorites out of your old laptop to your new one and offers a loose guide to the smartphone. In the beyond, we’ve tried the more steeply-priced “PC Professional,” which is meant to transfer applications, too, but that didn’t work nicely.

Transferring applications is the trouble of the route. Transferring documents is straightforward. But in case you need your antique favorite applications on the new pc, you better wish you still have the authentic disks or registration codes someplace. If you don’t, some organizations will allow you to load in a new copy of their product if you registered the antique one. Call or go browsing and ask.


It’s excellent to get a return on your documents to preserve them subsidized up to a private account, using Google Backup & Sync or some other backup application. Then whilst the time comes, go to Drive.Google.Com to find all of them once more. (Last year, Google’s computers used as much electricity as the complete town of San Francisco, and it was all renewable.) If you use Office 365, your documents are routinely sponsored up at Microsoft’s OneDrive.Com.

When you’re ready to present away your old pc, there’s Laplink’s “Safe Erase,” for $15. It lets you wipe the entirety, together with the Windows working device, or simply your files and private information. The heir of your vintage pc can put on the unfastened Linux operating gadget, which many techies like, or flip it into a Chromebook. Learn extra with a query to the web. The Web knows all.

So what’s new with you?

Odd stuff is available for evaluating around this time of year. Things we in no way requested to look, from groups we never heard of.

• We got a digital “Blackboard” from MyBoogieBoard.Com. The $ forty-five board has its very own pen for writing on what they name liquid crystal paper. It’s reminiscent of the one’s wax pills we used to get as youngsters. It takes handwriting and holds onto it. It’s now Joy’s magic to-do listing.

The board is eight. Five via 11-inches, ultra skinny and extremely light. To clean it, push a button to erase the whole lot right now. For erasing just a part of what’s there, push another button, and the end of the pen will become an eraser. She likes it.


This captured Bob straight away. He used to make prints of magnetic fields returned in junior high school. Rare earth magnets are greater powers than undeniable iron ones, and magnetism itself is a force 1 trillion times more potent than gravity. For example, the next time you’re out in space having a great time exploring the galaxy, be careful with Magnetars, which can be small dense stars held together using an excessive magnetic field. The subject is so effective that it may pull the iron out of your blood cells from 20,000 miles away. Be careful accessible.

A bit extra on Bitcoin

We had been in an elevator the opposite day whilst a young guy said to his female friend, “I want I may want to take a time machine, I’m so obsessed with it.”

“Are you speaking about Bitcoin?” Joy asked.

“Yes,” he said.

She said she became obsessed with it, too, and his girlfriend laughed.

There are now Bitcoin clubs all around us in a probable the arena. We appeared up one, and it had 1,2 hundred contributors. They preserve meetings, although we hope no longer each person indicates up.

According to the internet site Decentralize. Today, Bitcoin is now the sixth most valuable forex inside the international, after the South Korean received, U.S. Dollar, British pound, euro, and Japanese yen.

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