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With sizzling temperatures claiming extra than three hundred lives this month in India, officials have banned daylight hours cooking in some elements of the drought-stricken u. s. a. In a bid to prevent unintentional fires which have killed almost 80 more people. The eastern nation of Bihar this week took the extraordinary step of forbidding any cooking among 9am and 6pm,...Continue reading »

Much less than every week into can also and I’m already positive that it will be one of the maximum fraught months of my four years in Brazil. This is not so much because of the haywire political situation and the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, the president, nor the imminent Olympics in my home town of Rio de Janeiro. It isn’t even the Zika epidemic, nor the...Continue reading »

David Cameron is beneath extreme stress to invoke special powers that would force British tax havens to end their fiercely blanketed secrecy. Inside the wake of the Panama Papers scandal, which discovered the volume to which the likes of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) were being used to cover cash offshore, the high minister is being urged to set a timetable for implementing...Continue reading »

Masses of protesters have taken to the streets of Dhaka to call for the cease and punishment of these liable for the murder of a law pupil who criticised Islamism on his facebook page. Approximately 350 activists from the secular campaigning network Ganajagaran Mancha took component within the demonstration on Thursday after the killing of Nazimuddin Samad in the Bangladeshi...Continue reading »

Forty years ago, a publicity stunt for a small wine school in Paris modified the sector of wine for all time. The scene might look unremarkable nowadays:...Continue reading »

The British government is waging records battle in Syria by funding media operations for a few revolt fighting groups, in the foreign the front of what David Cameron has daily “the propaganda battle” towards Islamic kingdom. The marketing campaign targets to enhance the popularity of what the authorities calls the “mild armed opposition”, a complicated and shifting...Continue reading »

Algeria is building one of the international’s biggest mosques which officers say will serve as a buffer towards radical Islam and crown the legacy of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The Djamaa El Djazair mosque is being built facing the picturesque bay of Algiers as a part of a complex with the intention to include a one-million e-book library, a Koranic faculty and...Continue reading »

Hopes of a cease to the impasse between Greece and its creditors have regarded to evaporate after asurprise intervention from the international financial Fund. In a letter – leaked three days before eurozone finance ministers are scheduled to discuss how first-class to place the crisis-plagued u. s. a. Returned on its toes – IMF leader Christine Lagarde issued...Continue reading »

Europe is struggling to live as much as the imaginative and prescient of its founders, Pope Francis has stated in an effective speech that asked: “What has passed off to you, the Europe of humanism, the champion of human rights, democracy and freedom?” Speaking as he became the first pope to simply accept the prestigious Charlemagne prize for his paintings on behalf...Continue reading »

As they motored across the lagoon in the Marshall Islands, deep in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the policemen stared at the specimen laid out on the deck before them. There was no hiding the fact that this guy had been at sea for a widespread time. His hair became disheveled upwards like a shrub. His beard curled out in wild disarray. His ankles were swollen, his wrists...Continue reading »