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    Apple’s software updates are like changing the water in a fish tank. I’d rather let the fish die

    The past few weeks haven’t been tremendous for Apple. First, they had been implicated within the stolen celebrity nude photograph disaster, which reminded everybody how easily clouds leak. Accurate me if I’m wrong; however, I don’t assume the iPhone is normally advertised as a diabolical timewasting tool with the ability to wreak a gruesome and […]

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    Can speech recognition software help prevent RSI?

    My wife can spend up to eight hours a day type built-in reports built-in Microsoft phrase 2010 and, due to RSI troubles, is built-ing about integrated investing built-in a few speech popularity software. There seems to be a large diversity built-in the charge of these, and we need to know how much we must spend […]

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    Is Android really free software?

    To what volume does Android respect the freedom of its users? For a laptop user that values freedom, that is the most crucial query to invite approximately any software program device. Within the loose/libre software program motion, we develop software that respects customers’ freedom, so you and we may escape from software that does not. […]

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    A proxy war: Apple ad-blocking software scares publishers but rival Google is target

    When Apple found out that its new working system for mobile phones, iOS nine, would function what the organization knew as “content-blocking Safari extensions,” no one really blinked. Tim Cook, Apple’s leader executive, didn’t even element the feature on the level at the lavish release for iOS nine in July. As a substitute, information of […]

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    Schools monitoring pupils’ web use with ‘anti-radicalisation software’

    Faculties are being sold software program to display scholars’ net interest for extremism-associated language, including “jihadi bride” and “YODO,” quick for you only die once. Several companies are generating “anti-radicalization” software to screen students’ net pastime in advance of the creation of a prison requirement on faculties to bear in mind issues of terrorism and […]

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    ‘Error 53’ fury mounts as Apple software update threatens to kill your iPhone 6

    Thousands of iPhone 6 users declare they were left protecting nearly nugatory phones due to the fact Apple’s today’s built-in integrated machbuiltintegrated permanently disables the handset if it detects that a restore has been built-finished by way of a non-Apple technician. built-inarily few human bebuiltintegrated outside the tech built-in are aware of the so-referred to […]

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    21 tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you stay anonymous online

    1. Secure WEBMAIL WITH EXTENSIONS builtintegrated’s built-in the use of a famous webmail carrier, consistbuiltintegrated Gmail or Yahoo Mail, and you don’t or can’t make the switch to a more comfy carrier, then don’t forget built-ing Mailvelope. Mailvelope is a browser extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that built-ings OpenPGP encryption on your webmail […]