Patrick Starrr on Instagram Beauty and Fighting Bullies

Patrick Starr (not to be harassed by the Spongebob individual) is one of all Instagram’s biggest splendor influencers, with almost four million followers. He’s implemented makeup to Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Tyra Banks on his YouTube channel. Where his…

Patrick Starr (not to be harassed by the Spongebob individual) is one of all Instagram’s biggest splendor influencers, with almost four million followers. He’s implemented makeup to Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Tyra Banks on his YouTube channel. Where his films recover from one million hits. And he simply introduced that he might be a judge on subsequent season’s America’s Next Top Model — but first, he has a brand new collaboration with M.A.C to promote.

M.A.C x Patrick Starr is one of the logo’s largest launches this 12 months. The Cut talked to Starr, who grew up in Florida, approximately navigating the arena as a man in makeup, assisting Instagram fight trolls, and responding to Instagram beauty critics.

What changed in the primary time you wore make-up?

I stole the foundation from my mother’s drawer, placed it on, and locked myself in my room. Growing up, I became heavily stimulated via The Swan, makeover suggests, beauty pageants, America’s Next Top Model, and all of that.


The first time my dad and mom saw me with makeup was at a football sport for my little brother, who changed into a marching band. My mother noticed me and said, “Your foundation is just too orange.” And I was like, “You’re so rude! Why would you say that?”

They would, on occasion, say, “Oh, that’s a little bit an excessive amount of make-up.” But they didn’t bully me. Looking returned, they were defending me from the naysayers, the others accessible. They didn’t kick me out as other mothers and fathers may have. I take into account the first time my mother said, “Your makeup appears satisfactory.” I had my chin up and stated, “There it’s far. The praise I’ve been looking ahead to my whole lifestyles.”’

We’ve visible a gender-fluid movement this yr. Where does make-up fall into that?
Makeup has no gender. Makeup is one length fits all. Makeup is for anyone. Makeup isn’t specifically from the food and clothes we wear — it’s a yearning and flavor. You have to place on something you’re craving that day, whether or not it’s crimson, blue, red lipstick. It’s a form of self-expression, and we shouldn’t be certain though that one component.

Some of the biggest splendor influencers this yr had been men. Why do you observe this is?
Men are new. We have had these beautiful iconic female beauties like Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn — why now not Patrick Starr, why no longer a person? We’ve seen the Marilyn red lipstick, the Sophia cat eye — why no longer a complete face featuring a person?

It also sparks conversations. I’m distinctive. I’m here with an excellent message that is inclusive. That M.A.C is backing someone so unconventional and distinct is beyond my wildest desires.

We’re additionally making money with which means that’s more powerful. It’s developing a message for kids who’re bullied for being distinctive or children who don’t have supportive parents. Mine, notwithstanding me being special from the everyday Asian-American dynamic, are introducing me onstage. I desire to see this, and seeing me available encourages other parents to do the same.

You stand out — you’re homosexual, and you’re a person who wears make-up. How have you handled bullies, mainly on social media?

Just forget about it. I introduced banned words to Instagram. They had a meeting with the pinnacle influencers at Disneyland wherein we pointed out what we will exchange. I spoke to the founder and the Product Development team. I defined, with YouTube, as a gay male, I had been capable of clear out terrible phrases. I even have a social responsibility to control what people see. I don’t have that manipulate on Instagram. And a month later, they applied a machine that banned phrases, too.

It’s additionally my social obligation to talk out approximately things like this. For anyone getting bullied, use this equipment and block those words. It’s one negative comment as opposed to a hundred high-quality comments. Make pals, delete comments.


I’m no longer afraid to delete remarks. My Filipino mother is like, I deleted it for you. I’m like, Well, you deleted it to your give up. And she’s like. No, I deleted it for you.

Classic make-up artists had been every now and then crucial of Instagram make-up and Instagram make-up artists like yourselves. How might you respond to that criticism?

M.A.C artists have been at the forefront for years. I have an artist on stage with me that’s been doing makeup for 13 to 14 years. I’ve been doing makeup for 5 to six years, no longer even half her time. This is my project — which will show off that talent with advertising.

Those [classic] artists can’t complain. They have to marketplace themselves like we’ve got and showcased their artistry. We have complete insurance artistry — that’s Instagram make-up. It’s a new fashion. It shouldn’t be shamed; it needs to be embraced.

For them, to now not percentage their techniques and skills are doing us all a disservice. Their traditional manner of makeup is not being showcased because they have got an excessive amount of satisfaction in it. But I’m here to convey them onstage with me to reveal them to embrace social media and show off capabilities.

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