Top 5 Feminine Euphoria Outfits

Euphoria has become a major hit, and although there are many opinions about the show’s plot, the characters’ outfits have influenced fashion trends. The characters wear eye-catching outfits that showcase their personality and mood. For example, Jules shows her feminine…

Euphoria has become a major hit, and although there are many opinions about the show’s plot, the characters’ outfits have influenced fashion trends. The characters wear eye-catching outfits that showcase their personality and mood.

For example, Jules shows her feminine sweetness by wearing mini tennis skirts and cropped tops. She also likes to layer her clothes.

Maddy’s Cut-Out Dress

Euphoria Dress Maddy Dress Black Dress From Euphoria Black - Etsy India

While all the characters on Euphoria have incredible style, Queen Bee Maddy Perez has made a mark on fashion. She’s responsible for bringing back matching sets and OTT sexy looks, and she’s got so many stylish outfits to choose from. From floral mini dresses to sultry bodycon pieces, Maddy’s closet is full of feminine style inspiration.

One of Maddy’s most iconic outfits is her black cut-out dress in season two. Alexa Demie’s character opted for the Damien Black Mini Dress and gloves by Akana, which you can buy here. The dress is also available in cafes in white, so you can pick the black color that best suits your personal style.

Maddy’s style throughout the show, from her feminine floral looks in season one to her more mature and edgy look in season two. But no matter the outfit, she always looks put together. A typical Maddy look would include a black slip dress or camisole paired with flared pants or a mini skirt. Maddy also enjoys floral prints, ace hems, and bold cut-outs.

In addition to her standout dresses, Maddy loves wearing a slinky, sequined tops, and black denim jackets with cropped tanks. She’s a huge fan of designer AKNA and often wears custom looks by the brand to premieres and award shows.

While some of Maddy’s outfits aren’t available to shop, you can still get inspired by her edgy style. Just watch for sales and shop for the pieces still in stock. You will surely find the perfect piece for your wardrobe, from Revolve to Reformation to ASOS.

Maddy’s Orange and Cobalt Blue Dress

Maddy costume ♡ : r/euphoria

Maddy is all about showing off her curves with sexy bodycon dresses. This black cut-out dress with strappy lace sleeves and dramatic side cut-outs is the perfect piece to emulate her New Year’s Eve look. Pair it with hoop earrings and lace-up heels for a show-stopping look.

Maddy also loves to rock oversized blouses and tees. This one by Australian designer Daisy is a great option if you want something similar to what she wore in episode 5. Another one of Maddy’s favorite looks this season is her terra-cotta-hued belted jumpsuit that she wore to the mall to meet up with Helen. While this exact piece is sold out, we’ve found many similar options.

Another outfit that Maddy wore in episode 5 was this blue embroidered shirt from Polite Worldwide. The Los Angeles-based brand is committed to sustainability, making its shirts with recycled materials. We recommend checking out their website if you’re interested in getting one. If you have a piece like this, we recommend checking out this mesh mini dress by LoveShackFancy during her smoke show at the mall. This smoke shows a silhouette similar to Maddy’s in episode 2 to catch Bill off guard. You can also snag a similar style by this UK-based brand, No Dress.

Rue’s fashion choices are as wild and wacky as she is. She’s always trying new trends and experimenting with different colors and prints. We’ve spotted her in numerous pieces from online ceramics—the brand founded by Elijah Funk and Alix Ross. Some of the items she’s worn include these black sweatpants with green lettering that read “Haunted Wagon.” Another of Rue’s favorite brands is Realisation Par, launched by @4thandbleeker (AKA model and influencer Alexandra Spencer). Rue has been seen wearing this blue and yellow top.

Cassie’s Ruffled Cropped Top

pending* BNWT Supergurl Cassie Ruffle Toga Top in White XS, Women's Fashion, Tops, Sleeveless on Carousell

Cassie (played by Sydney Sweeney) is probably the character with the most feminine wardrobe on Euphoria. Her signature colors are pastel blue and baby pink, which she uses to create cute yet sexy outfits. She also wears high-waisted skirts, jeans, and a lot of crop tops with a lettuce-hem cinch or drawstring. You can recreate her look by wearing a light blue denim skirt and a ruffled crop top with lettuce-hem details. You can add a sling bag or heel. This looks more elegant and feminine.

As the season progresses, you can see Cassie’s style evolve. When she starts hooking up with Nate, her wavy hair turns pin-straight, and she swaps out pin-straight blues and pinks for darker pieces that suture heads. She even dresses like she’s trying out for the role of Oklahoma in a floral mini dress and giant hair that makes her friends think she’s auditioning for a musical.

At one point, Cassie was at her lowest point in the show and wore this iconic outfit while getting drunk and vomiting in a hot tub with Maddy and Jules. If you’re looking for a company that exudes sweetness and femininity, you can recreate this outfit by wearing a pink flower print mini skirt with a long-sleeved ruched crop top. Add a pair of sunglasses, hoop earrings, and ankle boots to complete the look.

Another great way to recreate a Cassie outfit is to wear a soft green or sage wrap sweater. This sweater, from Callipygian, has a cuine with delicate lace and puffed sleeves that will give you a girlish silhouette. Pair it with a tulle skirt, jeans, and some high heels or sneakers to ete the look.

Lexi’s Preppy Style

✨Lexi ✨ | Вдохновленные наряды, Идеи наряда, Наряды

Regarding her fashion, Lexi Howard exemplifies the “good girl” stereotype. Throughout most of Season 1 and the first half of Season 2, she’s dressed in neutral pastels or soft floral prints and favored button-up blouses with argyle patterns or bows and hair ribbons. She also enjoys classic brands like Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers.

However, in the episode “Our Life,” Lexi changed a major style to a more vintage look. While narrating her experiences with puberty, she donned a pink halter-neck dress and a white square-neck blouse featuring dramatic puff sleeves that reminded viewers of the Victorian era. Her bolder outfit was a departure from the typical cleavage-baring dresses that she typically wears, and it was a clear indication of her maturing style and sense of fashion.

In the same episode, Lexi wore a navy single-breasted blazer with notched lapels and three brass buttons. This classic blazer is perfect for any preppy wardrobe and a staple for many college students. The style originated in the early twentieth century when upscale haberdasheries like Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers began selling tailored jackets to affluent Ivy League students. These blazers were often worn to class or while on vacation in Palm Beach, so the style has  “become Palm Beach prep.”

As Lexi continues her journey of self-actualization this season, she has begun to experiment with her makeup experiments. She’s traded in her light-colored smoky eyeshadow and rosy cheeks for a more dramatic look, including deeper red lipsticks and bolder eyebrow shapes. She’s also begun to embrace more patterned pants and skirts in her wardrobe, a departure from her usual neutral-toned attire.

Rue’s Cardigan

Euphoria: Season 1 Episode 2 Rue's Brown Striped Cardigan | Shop Your TV | Euphoria fashion, Euphoria clothing, Fashion

Rue’s cozy boucle cardigan is an easy-to-wear layering piece in a neutral colorway. It’s perfect to wear with casual jeans for off-duty comfort and elevated with silk dresses or skirts for work or dinner.

This sister sweater to Aimee’s Shawl is knit with two strands of Helix and one strand of Mohair Silk held together, creating an incredibly soft fabric with a beautiful depth of color. It’s also a great way to discover the simplicity of tuck stitches and simple, inventive construction. Alma Bali has designed it in cropped and regular lengths, and our yarn bundles offer enough yarn to make either version.

The pocket cardigan features a relaxed fit, lapel collar, and statement-back tassels for that subtle cowgirl vibe. Pair it with a crisp button-down shirt for that clas-button-down that always gets noticed.

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