• Beauty
    How beauty might have evolved for pleasure, not function

    Evolutionary biology tells us this tale: everything advanced to make us better at reproducing. Everything has a function — and everything advanced to make us better at reproducing. Everything has a function — and the ornament is no exception. The peacock’s intricate tail seems vain, but actually it tells us how genetically superior the bird […]

  • Beauty
    Why does Hollywood keep equating beauty with virtue?

    Vail Reese is the world expert on movie characters’ pores and skin situations. The San Francisco dermatologist can inform you whatever you need to know approximately scars, birthmarks, tattoos, Jon Hamm’s vitiligo and the Austin Powers adversary Fat Bastard’s more nipples, a spoof of the identical condition on Christopher Lee’s murderer in “The Man With […]

  • Beauty
    Miranda Kerr on the 5 Beauty Rules Every Aussie Girl Knows

    If the French are regarded for their cult pharmacy products, and Koreans are recognized for his or her 16-step regimens, then Australians are recognized for their laid lower back, the holistic technique to beauty. “Australians truly like that smooth, healthy, sparkling skin, and slightly underdone tousled hair,” says supermodel Miranda Kerr, who changed into born […]

  • Beauty
    Beauty and the Beast: Perfect Match Launches on Mobile

    Disney launched Beauty and the Beast: Perfect Match on iOS and Android Mobile. Developed by means of Hibernum, the in shape-3 puzzle sport is themed after the stay-movement model of Beauty and the Beast, which debuted in theaters in March. In Beauty and the Beast: Perfect Match, gamers can entire a diffusion of suit-three tiers […]

  • Beauty
    Beauty Instagram Accounts to Have on Your Radar

    Back whilst splendor blogging took YouTube by the storm It has become crystal clear that you don’t ought to be an expert makeup artist or celeb facialist to present your two cents on the splendor and skin care; instead, you could just be a Sephora VIB with an iPhone. Today, the fine (and most convenient) […]

  • Beauty
    Female Rhinoplasty- Give Your Face a Balanced Look

    Our faces are made symmetrical by our nose. Since, it is positioned accurately at the middle of our face, our nose, generally determines if our face is symmetric or asymmetric. Hence, it is actually very important to have a nose, which is not deformed. Celebrities who have had a problem of deformed noses, either due […]

  • Beauty
    Things to Do Before Having Anti-Wrinkle Injections

    If you want to rejuvenate your appearance and preserve your youthful skin, there’s no need to jump straight under the knife. With the constant advances in cosmetic surgery, it is possible to stop the signs of aging in a non-invasive way. Over the past few years, anti-wrinkle injections have become increasingly popular to keep frown […]

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