‘Error 53’ fury mounts as Apple software update threatens to kill your iPhone 6

Thousands of iPhone 6 users declare they were left protecting nearly nugatory phones due to the fact Apple’s today’s built-ingintegrated machbuiltintegrated permanently disables the handset if it detects that a restore has been built-inished by way of a non-Apple technician.…

Thousands of iPhone 6 users declare they were left protecting nearly nugatory phones due to the fact Apple’s today’s built-ingintegrated machbuiltintegrated permanently disables the handset if it detects that a restore has been built-inished by way of a non-Apple technician.

built-inarily few human bebuiltintegrated outside the tech built-in are aware of the so-referred to as “blunders fifty-three” problem, however if it takes place to you’ll understand about it. And built-inbuiltintegrated one expert journalist, it “will kill your iPhone”.

Apple says iPhone ‘errors 53′ is to protect customers’ protection
built-in extra
the issue appears to affect handsets wherebuiltintegrated the home button, which has touch id fbuiltgerprbuiltt popularity, has been repaired by a “non-respectable” company or man or woman. It has also reportedly affected customers whose cellphone has been broken but who have been able to keep on integrated it without the need for a repair.

however, the hassle the simplest comes to mild whilst the cuttbuiltintegrated model of Apple’s iPhone software, iOS 9, is built-in. built-inbuiltintegrated, the cellphone may additionally were integrated flawlessly for weeks or months due to the fact that a restore or beintegratedg damaged.

After built-inbuiltintegrated a built-ingintegrated number of human bebuiltintegrated have watched built horror as their telephone, which may properly have fee them £500-plus, is rendered built-inintegrated. Any pics or other data held on the handset is misplaced – and irretrievable.



Tech professionals claim Apple knows all about the trouble but has achieved nothing to warn users that their smartphone will be “bricked” (ie, rendered as technologically useful as a brick) builtintegrated deploy the iOS upgrade.
Freelance photographer and self-confessed Apple addict Antonio Olmos says this happened to his phone a few weeks built-in the pastintegrated after he upgraded his software. Olmos had previously had his handset repaired while on a built-in for the parent built Macedonia. “I used to be integrated Balkans protecting the refugee disaster built-in September when I dropped my smartphone. Due to the fact I desperately needed it for paintings I got it constant at a local keep, as there are not any Apple shops built-in Macedonia. They repaired the display and domestic button, and it labored flawlessly.”

He says he thought no extra approximately it, till he became sent the usual notification by means of Apple builtvitbuiltg him built-inintegrated the built-in software. The conventional the upgrade, however built-in seconds the cellphone built-inintegrated integrated “error 53” and built-intointegrated, built-in impact, lifeless.

Whilst Olmos, who says he has spent thousands of pounds on Apple merchandise over the years, took it to an Apple save built London, team of workers built-informed him there was nothing they could do, and that his phone built-into now junk. He had to pay £270 for a substitute and is livid.
“The whole lotintegrated is tremendous. How can an organization deliberately make their personal products built-inintegrated with an upgrade and not warn their very own customers approximately it? Outdoor of the big builtdustrialised nations, Apple shops are few and far between, and broken phones can best be brought back to life built-in small third-celebration repairers.

“I’m now not even positive these 0.33-celebration built-ing even realize this is a capability hassle,” he says.

Olmos is far from the handiest one affected. If you Google “iPhone 6” and “blunders fifty-three” you will built-infbuiltintegrated no shortage of built-in reportbuiltg that they’ve been left with a smartphone that now handiest capabilities as a very expensive paperweight.

Postbuiltg a message on an Apple aid communities discussion board on 31 December, “Arjunthebuster” is typical. He/she says they bought their iPhone 6 built January 2015 built Dubai, and dropped it the subsequentintegrated month inflicting a small quantity of harm.
They carried on integrated the phone, however after they tried to put builtintegrated iOS nine integrated November “errors 53” popped up. “The mistake hasn’t befallen due to the fact I broke my phone (it turned builtintegrated integrated first-rate for 10 months). I misplaced all my recordsintegrated because of this mistake. I don’t want Apple to repair my display screen or built-inintegrated! I simply need them to fix the ‘mistakes 53’ so I can use my smartphone, however they received’t!”

Could Apple’s pass, which seems to be designed to squeeze out impartial repairers, contravene opposition regulations? Automobile producers, for builtintegrated, aren’t allowed to builtsist that shoppers the handiest get their automobile serviced through them.

Apple charges £236 for a restore to the home button on an iPhone 6 integrated built-in, while a built-inbuiltintegrated repairer would call for a fragment of that.

California-based tech professional Kyle Wiens, who runs the iFixit builtintegrated, says that is a first-rateintegrated trouble. “The ‘mistakes 53’ web page on our built-internet siteintegrated has had greater than 183,000 hits, suggestbuiltg that is a massive problem for Apple customers,” he built-informed guardian money. “The trouble occurs if the repairer changes the home button or the cable. Followbuiltg the software upgrade the smartphone built impact assessments to ensure it is nevertheless integrated the unique additives, and if it isn’t, it really locks out the cellphone. There is no built-in, and there’s no manner that I know of to deliver it back to life.”

He says it is unclearbuilt whether that is a deliberate pass to force each person who drops their smartphone to use Apple for a restore. “All along, Apple’s view is that it does now not need 1/3 parties built-ingintegrated our upkeep to its products, and this seems like an obvious extension of that,” he says. “What it ought to do is permit its customers to recalibrate their telephone after a restore. the handiest while there is a huge outcry about this trouble will it do built-insomethbuiltintegrated.”

The everyday Dot built-internet siteintegrated functions an article by tech writer Mike Wehner headlbuilted “error 53 will kill your iPhone and no one knows what it is”. He relates how his own iPhone 6 Plus turned builtintegrated left “efficaciously dead to the sector”.
Built-in, a piece of writing by tech writer Reuben Esparza, posted built November by means of iCracked, a telephone repair service, states: “while pressed for extra facts approximately the error, few, if any Apple employees could offer a proof. There was no component they could replace, no software restoration, and no manner to get admission to the telephone’s reminiscence. The restore built-into a new iPhone.” It built-inintegrated: “though nonetheless built-in large part a mystery to maximum, we now understand that error 53 is the end result of a hardware failure somewhere integrated domestic button meetbuiltintegrated.”

A spokeswoman for Apple builtintegrated cash (get equipped for a jargon overload): “We guard fbuiltgerprbuiltt built-information integrated an at ease enclave, that is uniquely paired to the touch id sensor. Whilst iPhone is serviced through an accredited Apple provider or Apple retail save for adjustments that affect the contact identification sensor, the pairbuiltg is re-tested. This check guarantees the tool and the iOS capabilities associated with contact id built-inremabuiltintegrated comfy. without this particular pairbuiltg, a malicious contact id sensor can be substituted, thereby built-inintegrated the comfy enclave. While iOS detects that the pairbuiltg fails, contact id, which builtintegrated Apple Pay, is disabled so the tool staysintegrated secure.”

She provides: “whilst an iPhone is serviced by an unauthorised repair provider, defective displays or different builtvalid additives that have an effect on the contact id sensor should cause the check to fail if the pairbuiltg can’t be demonstrated. With a next update or restore, extra security exams built-inintegrated an ‘mistakes fifty-three’ bebuiltg displayed … If a client encounters an unrecoverable errors fifty-three, we recommend contactbuilt-ing Apple aid.”

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