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SuiteCRM User Adoption systems are used to save and organize various business processes and integrate information regarding customers and details of their relationships with the organization. This database can be further used to perform various functions and analyze data that…

SuiteCRM User Adoption systems are used to save and organize various business processes and integrate information regarding customers and details of their relationships with the organization. This database can be further used to perform various functions and analyze data that can be beneficial to the organization and salespeople in generating customer leads, amongst other benefits. As such software systems are relatively new and require a bit of conformity on the part of the organization’s staff, one of the main problems in the proper implementation and use of such systems is increasing and encouraging user adoption.

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Employees of an organization may feel skeptical about the change, may perceive it as a burden, or may not feel comfortable using the SuiteCRM systems. They may also not feel that the system is not required or beneficial and only perceive it to be excessive workload. There may be several other reasons for a lack of user adoption; however, the good news is that there are certain ways to increase user adoption and acceptance of the new CRM systems in your organization.  Listed below are a few methods of increasing user adoption: User Engagement and Need Recognition:

According to some experts, the process of user adoption begins with engaging the user in the process and ensuring that the user is involved in the implementation of the new SuiteCRM system. SuiteCRM Admin training will help you in enforcing ideas upon people suddenly and without tact can result in immediate failure. First, it is essential for every organization to address organizational barriers that may prevent adoption, such as corporate culture which does not encourage change or other factors that may prove to be a hindrance Add Crazy.

Encourage the employees and the end-users of the SuiteCRM system to participate in focus groups and express their concerns regarding the new system. Ask for their feedback in the designing and implementation process of the new system and ensure that communication channels are open through the aid of forums and other sources.

Educate your users regarding the benefits of the system and how it addresses their needs. Gaining End-to-End user training will ensure that the SuiteCRM system is designed so that it is a necessity for the organization and not just an extra tool.  Present your team with the strategy and vision of the implementation process and show them how it will help them reach their goals.

While some employees may be concerned about the organization’s benefit, it would enhance their engagement to a greater extent if they learnt how this system could benefit them individually. Hence, it is important to outline the benefits that it would give the employees, such as showing salespeople how it can save them time, eliminate inefficient practices, and increase their earnings.

Another way to enhance user engagement is by turning the whole process of adoption into a game, in which employees can compete with one another as they pass the stages of using certain functions within the SuiteCRM system. Simplicity & User Accessibility

One of the major concerns of employees may be having to deal with a highly technical and complex system which takes them too much time to operate. Hence, they may prefer avoiding the use of it. To ensure that this does not happen, it is vital to make the system as simple as possible.  Here come the SuiteCRM Developers training which is completely designed to help you in developing complex projects by using APIs and establishing unique features of SuiteCRM that helps the organization drive profits. The system must not be over complicated and must support the organizations and employees individual needs equally. Mapping and outlining the processes with step-by-step guidelines incorporated into the system will enhance user’s understanding and ease the learning curve for the user. User accessibility can be enhanced by creating tablet, iPad, and Android friendly versions of the system to ensure that the system is available to users wherever they want it. However, ensure that the system functions flawlessly on these devices and it is easy to learn and use. Training & Coaching Practices



Once the SuiteCRM system has been simplified and the needs of the users addressed, it is important to guide the users through the use of the system to help them become familiar with the processes. Give the users proper advice and instruction regarding the use of various functions and show them how to use the system to organize themselves.

It is advisable to work on the adaptation of the correct use of the process instead of only working upon the acceptance of the SuiteCRM system. Moreover, it is worth noting that as every employee is different, each user has separate capabilities and concerns. Hence, training programs should be customized to suit the individual needs of every user to increase the chances of quicker user adoption.

During training, it is important to manage the attitude and approach of the users and encourage them to perceive the use of the new system as a beneficial addition to the organization. Rewards, Incentives, and Motivation. Motivation plays an essential role in user adoption and this can be aroused through sharing inspirational success stories about how systems have improved the functioning of other organizations and employees.

Some experts suggest rigorous and strict tactics such as the “stick-and-carrot approach” or the “rank and spank approach” which encourage hard competition between users and promote the notion that those using the new system will be rewarded and those who are not will simply face consequences.  However, while these may be fruitful in certain circumstances, it can also be beneficial to simply reward those who are using the system well and progressing through stages of adaptation.

Rewards can be in the form of bonuses, using adaptation charts to enhance recognition of “super users” and “champions”, or in the form of contests or incentive programs to create an environment go healthy competition. Paying employees with cash bonuses is a highly beneficial and results-oriented method which usually proves to be useful. Management Buy-In is one of the most important points of encouraging user adoption and not the last in priority in any way, is the aspect of management using and adopting the system themselves! If the top management is not using the system, it will eventually fail with the employees. Hence, it is important for management to “practice what they preach” and implement the system into their daily routines before they ask the employees to conform to it.

Incorporating some of these tactics into the system can prove to be beneficial and enhance user adoption to a very high percentage. Ensure you balance out all the above mentioned points in your user adoption strategy and your SuiteCRM user adoption success rate is likely to skyrocket!

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