Cigna acquires virtual fitness software program provider Brighter

Health insurer Cigna introduced Friday that it has received a virtual health software program-as-a-provider organization Brighter. Cigna will use the era and crew to expand destiny member-dealing with cell and desktop tools and run Brighter as a tool for its…

Health insurer Cigna introduced Friday that it has received a virtual health software program-as-a-provider organization Brighter. Cigna will use the era and crew to expand destiny member-dealing with cell and desktop tools and run Brighter as a tool for its existing customers.

“We’re dedicated to handing over superior reports that better connect consumers with fantastic healthcare carriers and well-being programs,” David M. Cordani, president and CEO at Cigna, said in an announcement. “The acquisition of Brighter accelerates our development closer to those priorities and in establishing us as the leader in the virtual transformation of our industry.”


Brighter, which started out in dentistry but has for the reason that branched out into different healthcare regions, offers an internet site that helps customers find and compare care providers. The service permits customers to evaluate out-of-pocket fees based totally on the user’s health plan, view issuer profiles that consist of historical past and credentials, see critiques from different sufferers, and schedule appointments online. Besides, directors can use Brighter’s backend for administrative tasks, including sending patients surveys, keeping their calendar updated, and reminding sufferers about observe-up appointments.

Brighter raised $21 million last fall. At the time, it was already running with Cigna, which has become making Brighter’s platform available to its eleven million Dental PPO individuals and 139,000 collaborating dentists.

“When we began Brighter, we set out to apply generation and consumerism to improve the health insurance experience and reduce useless costs,” Jake Winebaum, Brighter’s CEO, said in a declaration. “Our experience with Cigna as an accomplice over the past years has demonstrated that one’s dreams can be achieved. I am extraordinarily excited to become a member of Cigna to similarly the realization of our shared venture. By combining Cigna’s understanding, ambition, and scale with Brighter’s crew and generation, we look ahead to turning in progressive new solutions for Cigna’s customers and companies.”

Several Cigna executives dived into the corporation’s member-dealing with the digital approach at Health 2.0’s fall conference in Santa Clara, specifically the insurer’s OneGuide supplying.

“‘Putting the patron at the middle of all we do’ is an easy phrase, however for a company that traditionally has made its bread and butter off of a B2B type of relationship, it has been a big shift for us to show that statement into actual action,” Jackie Aube, Cigna’s VP of customer adoption and personalization, stated on time.

Cigna stated in a declaration that the purchase of Brighter will help “[accelerate] the improvement of Cigna’s cell and computing device structures and [create] new cease-to-give up reports that join health customers and carriers with the steering, assist, and incentives they want to growth fine of care and maximize fee-financial savings.”

If you’re seeking out correct exercising or fitness software, then you definitely have to clearly read this evaluation on Weightmania Pro 1.8.5. This software program permits you to music just about every component of your exercise. You can tune your tempo, distance, water consumption, and even heart fee.

The updated model of the software additionally information your exercises and your meal plans. You may even upload your pictures, calculate your frame fats, check the number of calories you are burning, and plenty extra.

Pros of the Weightmania:


o You can check all aspects of your aerobic or electricity schooling workout routines, food, and scientific records
o You can document your workouts and meal plans faster with the up to date model of the software program
o There are distinct graphs and charts to keep the music of your progress so you can avoid overtraining
o You can measure your frame fats and body mass index the usage of the health calculator
o The food database includes a wide style of ingredients along with the weight and element of the meal
o You can enlarge the already present databases of meals and exercises

The software program fees $49.99 for the five-consumer model, and it really works nicely with Windows and Mac. Also, there’s a cell version of the software that works green with Palm phones.

If you’re seeking out risks, then there are none. You will now not be restricted by using the software program as it permits you to upload to the databases. You can record more than one workout routine and hold a song of your health software in detail. It sincerely offers a top-notch consumer enjoy. This is well worth the money spent on the software.

Have you heard of the workout robotic called the BodyBot? This robotic idea sounded definitely weird to me initially, but it’s far exactly what Ryan has created. It is a software meant to help humans create and customize their own frame exercise software based on their own health ranges and the muscle groups they need to train.

1. What Types of Exercises are in the Bodybot?


All the sporting events are from Ryan’s workout program, hailed through Men’s Fitness Magazine as The World’s Fastest Workout. His application has additionally been featured on the quilt of Millionaire Blueprints Magazine as The Future of Fitness. I determined that many of his exercises emphasize speed and achieve the maximum results inside the shortest amount of time possible.

2. How Has The BodyBot Helped Me?

Firstly, I get the effective workout gadget with all of the sports internal this application. All the physical activities are proven in a video layout. There was not anything I needed to examine and memorize, on account that Ryan will display all of the physical activities himself, together with the wide variety of sets and reps. I can also customize my personal education application based totally on the muscle groups I need to construct or tone.

3. Why Should You Use BodyBot?

Another essential factor is that I have achieved a lot better fat loss progress due to the use of BodyBot. All the exercises are very extreme with brief resting durations. It is very hard now not to comply with this system once you press “play” and begin the workout.

In reality, you could find that the robotic delivers four-minute afternoon sports and nonetheless achieves accurate weight loss results. By proscribing your exercising time, you’ll maximize the EPOC to your frame. EPOC stands for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. It’s a systematic manner of describing the calories you burn once you are executed the exercise. With cardio training, when you’re done, you do not burn calories. But with the high-intensity workout (whilst short as 4 minutes at a time), your body maintains to burn energy for up to 2 days after.

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