‘Welcome to hell’: The chilling case of a teen ‘horror’ blogger accused of killing her parents

Days earlier than her mother and father’ grisly deaths, Ashlee Martinson purportedly posted a poem about torturing and killing people in the woods, “where the agonizing screams can not be heard.” “On foot into a small cabin,” the youngster wrote…

Days earlier than her mother and father’ grisly deaths, Ashlee Martinson purportedly posted a poem about torturing and killing people in the woods, “where the agonizing screams can not be heard.”

“On foot into a small cabin,” the youngster wrote on her “Nightmare” blog on March 2, 2015, in accordance the daily Mail. “Marveling on the sweet horrors of blood that I thirst for. I then take the following sufferer whose subconscious. I tightly bind them to a low table.”

Martinson described herself on line as a “horror fanatic” and went by the pseudonym “Vampchick,” in step with human beings.

“I clean the dry blood off my gear from a previous session,” she wrote in the chilling March 2015 publish, referred to as “Unworthy.”

“The last frame has been disposed of just hours earlier than, but i have no longer been satisfied with the pain, agony and blood.

“I bend down as they begin to wake.

“‘Welcome to hell.’ I whisper in her ear. ‘Never once more will you see the mild of day.’”

5 days later, Martinson’s dad and mom were found lifeless at their domestic in the tiny metropolis of Piehl, in northern Wisconsin.

Investigators at once turned their attention to Martinson, who had fled to Indiana along with her boyfriend.

She became arrested and charged after police stated she shot and killed her stepfather after which fatally stabbed her mom more than 30 times.

Now 18, Martinson pleaded guilty last week to 2nd-degree murder.

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On March 7, 2015, sooner or later after her 17th birthday, Martinson got into an argument along with her dad and mom, she later advised police.

Her younger sister told government that Martinson’s mom and stepfather had discovered that the teenager had a 22-yr-antique boyfriend and despatched him a message on facebook telling him to stay far from their daughter, in line with courtroom documents.

“As her mother and father,” her dad and mom wrote, “we can press fees.”

They took away Martinson’s keys and cellular telephone, consistent with the documents, and forbid her from seeing him again.

The three fought. Martinson left domestic walking and her stepfather brought her lower back.

Then, she went to her room.

Martinson told police that she grabbed “one of the many loaded shotguns inside the residence” and prepared to commit suicide, according to the documents.

however, while her stepfather started “loudly banging” on her bed room door, she stated she taken into consideration killing him instead.

Gunshots rang out.

Martinson shot 37-year-antique Thomas Ayers first within the neck, then took intention at his head, government said.

She informed police the second shot was “to ensure that he become dead and couldn’t harm her,” according to court docket records.

She stated she became to her mom for consolation, but her mom ran to Ayers, yelling at her daughter for what she had accomplished.

Martinson told police that her mom, 40-yr-antique Jennifer Ayers, grabbed a knife and came towards her, according to court records. The teenager wrestled the weapon from her mom, then stabbed her “with vast pressure” over and over and over.

“She become basically an amazing child, a very first rate lady, until this took place,” her buddy, Jon Rasmussen, advised the Milwaukee journal Sentinel last 12 months.

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Accounts from Martinson and experts who interviewed her after the incident painting a teenage girl who, after years of alleged abuse, suffered severe melancholy and post-demanding pressure disorder.

Martinson had positioned photos on Pinterest that she said came from “the dark, haunted woods of Wisconsin,” consistent with people.

The weblog entries painted more macabre scenes.

In January 2015, she posted a poem known as “murder Maddness,” which became republished with the aid of the daily Mail; in it, she wrote that she may want to pay attention nothing “but their screaming souls.”

“Unlike the monster I am/That no person can see,” it said. “And what i have grown to be/What i have executed to some.

“Someone like me/That nobody can see/A psychopath within the darkish.”

Authorities showed last year that the “Nightmare” blog that were related to Martinson become indeed related to her; however they did not recognise whether the content material published beneath the pseudonym “Vampchick” was her original paintings.

The blog has in view that been taken offline.

Martinson advised police that she was subjected to years of mental, verbal, physical and sexual attacks from her mother’s boyfriends — one of whom, she claimed, burned her with a cigarette and as soon as raped her while she turned into 9, according to the court docket documents.

“People didn’t realize approximately the abuse she went through,” Rasmussen, her friend and neighbor, lately instructed human beings. “This is a tragedy for all of us worried.”

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