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    An inimitable blend of cultures, Hong Stump Blog Kong, is an Asian city that is Westernised and, pretty clearly, loves the style. I’m always inquisitive about how progressive this city is! It’s miles absolutely developed, but a hint of its specific tradition can be determined everywhere at the equal time. On the latest experience, I […]

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    Blogger takes on best Texas movie no one saw

    The story of Charles Whitman and his [The canyon] lethal shooting spree from the clock tower on the University of Texas 51 years in the past is reasonably widely known within the nation. It’s also the problem of a Netflix documentary that scored one hundred percent on Rotten Tomatoes. And, it appears, few humans have visible […]

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    ‘Welcome to hell’: The chilling case of a teen ‘horror’ blogger accused of killing her parents

    Days earlier than her mother and father’s grisly deaths, Ashlee Martinson purportedly posted a poem about torturing and killing people in the woods, “where the agonizing screams can not be heard.” “On foot into a small cabin,” the youngster wrote on her “Nightmare” blog on March 2, 2015, following the daily Mail. “Marveling on the […]