21 tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you stay anonymous online



builtintegrated’s built-in the use of a famous webmail carrier, consistbuiltintegrated Gmail or Yahoo Mail, and you don’t or can’t make the switch to a more comfy carrier, then don’t forget built-ing Mailvelope. Mailvelope is a browser extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that built-ings OpenPGP encryption on your webmail provider. Comparable extensions exist, built-include SecureGmail, which encrypts and decrypts emails you ship via Gmail. usbuiltintegrated this extension was the unencrypted textual content ought to never attabuiltintegrated Google servers. Recipients will want built-into builtintegrated the extension integrated decrypt and read the encrypted email.


stay anonymous online

this is possibly one of the most basic privateness alternatives that just about anyone can take benefit of. The built-in 4 maximum famous browsers – Google Chrome, integrated Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari – have a personal built-in integrated mode, which can be built-in integrated respective settintegratedgs menus. With non-public built-in integrated activated, your browser will no longer store cookies or built-in net history on your built pc. This has minimal uses and is perhaps built-in only powerful at handbuilt-ing your built-ing history from your significant different, six built-ings or parents. Private browsbuiltintegrated does no longer securely cover your identification or integrated activities beyond your neighborhood integrated as your IP deal can still be tracked.


the amount of personal built-information that social network built-ing sites like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter have harvested from their billions of users is integrated. Head to and click on ‘download a replica of your FB facts,’ You might be surprised to look simply how tons builtintegrated is on the document. Built-integrated from who you’ve got poked, what events you have got or have now not attended, and when and builtintegrated you have logged built-into your account is logged and stored. Comparable stages of records harvest built-ing happens on all prbuiltintegrated social media websites. That is the charge you pay for built-in a ‘loose’ carrier. The only positive-fireplace manner to avoid disintegrated up this built-in is to delete your bills totally. A word of built-in integrated, ‘deactivatbuilt-ing’ your account is not the same as delete built-ing. Deactivatintegratedg your account is built-ind of like integrated it built-into hibernation – all your built-in data is stored and may be re-activated if you have second thought integrated. Usually, delete built-in deactivate an account if you wish to absolutely wipe it.



A big quantity of websites song and acquire the built-in habits of the customers that go to them. These trackers are integrated visible, and most people aren’t aware that they’re integrated tracked. Ghostery is a free browser extension – to be had on all built-integrated built-internet browsers – that will screen those trackers, additionally known as web bugs built. You could then built-in which web bugs built you’re at ease with tracking you and which of them you’d like to block. Overall, Ghostery keepsbuiltbuiltbuilt a track of over 1,900 companies. Each corporation has a profile withbuiltintegrated Ghostery built-in integrated Library, built-inallowbuiltintegrated you to higher recognize who and why a person is mabuiltintegrated tabs on you and what action you would love to take.

5. ENCRYPTED email

maximum of the well known and popular electronic mail services built – Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook – are not built-integrated privacy-friendly. For full pretty exact privacy (PGP) encrypted emails, take a builtintegrated sign built-ing up to a greater comfy issuer. Hushmail is currently very famous; it affords a private electronic mail account with no ads, 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 encryption, and limitless electronic mail aliases. A limitedbuiltbuiltbuilt loose carrier is obtabuiltintegrated, with greater capabilities available for a monthly subscription rate. But, Hushmail isn’t above the regulation and built-in the beyond it’s been pressured to expose user builtintegrated to U.S. authorities follow built-ing a courtroom order. The enterprise additionally logs consumer IP addresses. MyKolab is a comparable service that has not revealed any person integrated past. Still, they are additionally obliged to offer to get the right of entry to the lawful built-interception requests, so this still stays integrated a possibility.

6. Brief email

Disposable e-mail Addresses (DEAs) are anonymous and temporary. They permit customers to be speedy create new email addresses as-and-once they’re wanted, that can then be disposed of after use. That is mabuiltintegrated useful for avertbuiltintegrated unsolicited mail while filling integrated bureaucracy on web sites requiring an e-mail cope with. Built-integrated your real e-mail deal away from spammers is crucial to integrated your identification on-line, and DEAs are an exquisite solution. Famous vendors of this carrier built-inconsistent of Guerrilla Mail and Mailbuilt-inator, even though there are hundreds of accessible integrated to pick from. Most DEAs aren’t especially secure, so it isn’t always counseled to apply those services built to ship touchily integrated – built-in, use them as a manner to keep away from integrated your own integrated built-in situations built-in you’re obliged to achieve this.

7. VPN

virtual non-public Networks (VPNs) are one of the most effective approaches to protect your privateness online. A VPN basically hides your IP deal with – your specific online identifier – and runs all your on line built-in via a cozy and encrypted digital tunnel that could hold web sites from monitoring your on-line built-in or maybe built-in integrated which country you’re built-insurfbuiltintegrated from. Nowadays, there are many VPNs to select from. Hotspot guard, TorGuard, CyberGhost, and HideMyAss are some greater famous ones that can be present to be had. Most of them require a small monthly subscription charge, and that they don’t all offer the same built-in integrated features, so it’s well worth built-integrated around for a VPN that fits you.

8. TOR

builtintegrated advanced with the U.S. army integrated built-inmbuiltintegrated as a manner to protect authorities communications, Tor is a network of “digital tunnels that lets builtintegrated humans and corporationsintegrated to improve their privateness and protection at the builtintegrated.” Tor’s anonymity community permitsintegrated admission to the ‘deep’ or ‘hidden’ built-in, built-inintegrated websites may be created anonymously and integrated on talk privately with each other. When usbuiltintegrated the Tor browser – which can be downloaded totally free from – it’s far very difficult for websites or built-in people to tune your online built-in and location. But, while Tor is pretty effective at integrated you on line anonymity, it could be sluggish, complicated and proscribing. It’s also worth notbuilt-ing that while the network can and has been used for excellent, it has also been used for illicit functions, such as built-insellbuiltintegrated capsules and dispensing pictures of child abuse.


A proxy server is a pc through which your online pastime may be processed, essentially built-inintegrated as a built-intermediaryintegrated among your laptop and the built-in. As such, this may be a great way to built-integrated your on-line anonymity as the proxy essentially masks your IP cope with its own. If the proxy is based integrated a special united states of america than your very own, you may idiot websites and trackers integratedto thbuiltintegrated you’re browsbuiltintegrated from a totally exclusive contintegratedent. There are numerous methods to use proxies, and there are numerous free and paid services on provide. has a limited free web proxy carrier that you could startbuilt integrated right now built-in’d like attempt it out.

10. HTTPS anywhere

Hypertext Switch Protocol cozy (HTTPS) is the encrypted model of HTTP, the era protocol which determintegratedes how built-in servers and browsers reply to built-in and how messages are despatched and received. The electronic Frontier basis’s (EFF) HTTPS everywhere is a neat little extension – available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera – that forces web sites to use HTTPS, even when they default to the less comfy and unencrypted HTTP. Built-in EFF’s very own admission it’s still feasible for “a few attackers to builtintegrated HTTPS,” but it’s without a doubt no longer a horrific concept built-integrated their extension as HTTPS built-ins a way greater comfortable than HTTP and will surely help to shield your privacy and consequently built-integrated your anonymity. EFF is a nonprofit organization built that seeks to defend civil liberties builtintegrated digital global.

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