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Nicole Junkermann Winamax is a professional poker player. Nicole was born in Hamburg, Germany, and when she was 16 years old, she started playing poker. One of the world’s best players, Nicole, has progressed through the ranks of professional poker.…

Nicole Junkermann Winamax is a professional poker player. Nicole was born in Hamburg, Germany, and when she was 16 years old, she started playing poker. One of the world’s best players, Nicole, has progressed through the ranks of professional poker. Nicole has also established her own business, Nicole’s Poker Academy, which provides instruction on how to play poker using her skills as a poker player. Additionally, Nicole is a part of Team PokerStars Pro, a group of professional poker players who represent PokerStars, the largest online poker site in the world. Nicole wants to continue utilizing her poker-playing abilities to assist others in learning how to play and become successful players.

Nicole Junkermann is one of the world’s most successful poker players. She began playing poker when she was 16 years old, and since then, she has become one of the world’s most successful players. Nicole attributes her success to her quick decision-making capacity and composure under pressure. In addition, Nicole is an excellent strategist who can spot patterns and foresee her opponents’ moves. Because of her success in poker, Nicole is now one of the wealthiest women in the world and is one of the few truly professional poker players.

Nicole Junkermann


Nicole Junkermann is the founder of Winamax, one of Europe’s largest online poker platforms. The University of Cologne conferred a degree in business administration on Nicole Junkermann. Nicole Junkermann worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company after beginning her career in the banking industry. Additionally, Nicole Junkermann is a founding partner of the venture capital firm JJ Capital. Since 2013, Nicole Junkermann has been a member of Dirk Rossmann GmbH’s supervisory board. Nicole Junkermann contributes to various charitable endeavors and is an active philanthropist. In 2018, the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany was presented to Nicole Junkermann.

Nicole Junkermann inspires women everywhere who want to succeed professionally and personally. NJSA is a holding company that invests in media, healthcare, and technology. Nicole is the company’s founder and CEO. In addition, Nicole is an active philanthropist and mother to three children. Nicole is a true role model for women who want to write success stories because of her drive and determination in everything she does.

Nicole Junkermann’s winamax story demonstrates that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Her story reflects this point. Nicole was raised in a small town and was born in Germany. She knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur and had always been interested in business. She has since built a successful career in private equity and venture capital. Today, Nicole is a well-known businesswoman whose peers admire her.


She was born on April 17, 1980, in Germany. Additionally, she is a 42-year-old woman. She is the well-known businessman’s daughter, Heinz Junkermann. Additionally, she is Ingrid Junkermann’s wife. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 1998.

After that, Heinz’s life was forever altered by unanticipated events. According to, he passed away in June 2011 at 83. He owned the only private banking business that did well in Germany and the rest of Western Europe. In addition, he was interested in economic endeavors outside of Germany, such as his position as managing director of the real estate company IFG Gesellschaft Immobilienvesit mbH.

Professional life:

Professional Life of Winamax’s Nicole Junkermann Nicole was one of the founders of the online sports betting and gambling platform Winamax. She joined Infront Sports and Media in the middle of 2002 and became an important stakeholder. She also served as vice chairman and oversaw the company’s sale to Bridge Point, a private equity firm. She visited Shanghai Really Sports, one of China’s most well-known sporting goods stores, in 2005.

By 2007, she had made the public aware of her private equity firm, United in Sports. Most of the company’s funds were invested in Asian and European media and sports investments. It raised 242.2 million euros that same year. ThrillNG discovered that Junkermann founded NJF Holdings in 2012 and that the team managed an investment portfolio that included investments in healthcare, fintech, and deep tech through Capital, its holding arm.

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Friends & Family:

Friends and Family of Nicole Junkermann Winamax Nicole Junkernman wed Ferdinando Brachetti in March 2017, the first-in-line member of a wealthy oil industry family in Italy. The couple had their first child in December 2017.

Her mother-in-law is the Italian Red Cross’s national interpreter. She has made it her mission to promote the fact that she was the first woman in the nation to be married to an army general. The kindness of Nicole Junkermann Winamax Since 2005, Nicole has collaborated with the Tate Americas Foundation, an independent organization that supports the Tate Gallery in the United Kingdom. Her sister-in-law Elsa Brachetti is an Italian jewelry designer and philanthropist. A year ago, she established the entire JJ collection as an organization dedicated to assisting Latinos in crisis. Nicole Junkermann appears in films and as a model.


Nicole Junkermann Winamax is an investor and business owner with a net worth of $1.2 billion. In 1971, Nicole was born in Germany. Her birthplace was Frankfurt. Private equity was Nicole’s first line of work. In the year 2000, Nicole established the investment firm Eclipse Group.

Additionally, Nicole has invested in new businesses. Affirm, AppDirect, and The Kairos Society are just a few new companies in which Nicole has invested money.

Additionally, Nicole Junkermann serves on the board of CamSoda, a company that conducts market research on camcorders. Over time, Nicole Junkermann’s wealth has increased steadily. In 2018, Nicole was worth $600 million. In 2019, Nicole’s wealth increased to $1 billion. Nicole’s wealth will likely continue to rise in the future.

Nicole Junkermann appears to be always maintaining her impressively large investment portfolio. Major Investments made by Nicole Junkermann Up to this point, Nicole Junkermann’s stake in the French online poker company Winamax, which she purchased in 2016, has been her most notable investment. In addition, Nicole has invested in a small portion of the UK-based online store Farfetch and several German tech startups. Additionally, Nicole is an excellent art collector. Her collection includes works by Max Ernst and Pablo Picasso, two well-known artists.

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