To the PR Agencies, From Your Dear Blogger

I have been writing approximately generation due to the fact 2007. In these years of being a tech blogger, I have had ordinary interactions with PR companies, a communication and coordination layer among companies, and the click. Many of the…

I have been writing approximately generation due to the fact 2007. In these years of being a tech blogger, I have had ordinary interactions with PR companies, a communication and coordination layer among companies, and the click.

Many of the many things they do, including building relationships with the media and guiding communications, are also chargeable for organizing press conferences. Those occasions are opportunities for the media to test our products the company has been operating on and interact with the people at the back of the product and proportion our feedback.

While it can sound like attending conferences is a completely interesting revel in, many ordinary annoyances have spoiled the enjoyment for me. It absolutely should not be clean for PR companies to pull off these activities. Still, I speak not just for myself but for plenty of people inside our near-knit community, who grow to be cringing at the following wrongdoings. I am now not the first man or woman who’s said this, and in all probability, I might not be the last. I’m not telling PR companies how to do their job; I’m simply placing this accessible with hopes that they get to recognize how we sense.To the PR Agencies, From Your Dear Blogger

Do not ship only Banners for Press conference invites.

Tech conferences tend to appear at specific locations in many towns. It is useless for PR companies to ship flashy invite images over email and not have them when, wherein, and whom to touch, in the plain textual content. That is loopy because you can’t copy-paste the cope with into Google Maps, or the telephone wide variety into a dialler, requiring you to make use of that temporary cache on your brain as you juggle and war between apps.


Some other reason to have plain text – many modern email customers use natural language processing to read this information and let you create a one-click on the calendar entry.

Please begin activities on Time

it is becoming commonplace information that tech press-conferences in India begin 1/2-an-hour to an hour after the time they’re scheduled for because PR companies await a reasonable number of seats to be occupied. There is no factor now in trying to understand if the media is to be blamed for arriving fashionably past due to an event or because PR companies mechanically assume that humans will not be punctual and consequently begin later than the devoted time. Whatever the case, it’s far absolutely not honest for the people who make an effort to make it by the said time Univers Inform.

I hope PR companies can destroy this vicious circle by beginning the occasions they stated it’d.

No want for Flashy entertainment

I have had the opportunity to witness a variety of dance performances was to press meetings. And every time it takes place, that same cringy, face-palmy feeling follows. You call the media so we will recognize more about your product, and anything apart from that only ends up being something useless, and I’m left looking ahead to it to cease. I don’t forget a product launch I used to be at recently wherein, thanks to it not beginning on time and the presence of some well-known personalities, the product manager, changed into requested to hurry via his boring presentation, to make certain the time of these “personalities” is respected.

Please store your cash and the hassle that you undergo to set up for this unwanted entertainment. Maximum people might respect spending that point hearing what you have got to say approximately your product instead.

Don’t connect images on email; send Cloud hyperlinks alternatively.

PR groups diligently send press releases over email after the launch of a product. They include press pictures of the product, the photographs of which might usually be in high decision. They end up being a pointless filler of our inbox ability. For instance, 40 percent of inbox ability on my authentic email account is already full. There is a superb chance this is specifically because of the sheer quantity of press releases I get hold of. And I doubt if I have had to use extra than 5 percent of these pics.

Sending a hyperlink to a cloud storage service with all the high-resolution pictures will do away with this unnecessary duplication and wastage of bandwidth and cloud garage.

We Hate Calls

this is last but sincerely the maximum nerve-racking difficulty. After launching a product and sending throughout a press release, occasionally I have obtained phone calls asking if I “obtained an email about the new product we’ve released,” nudging if my booklet will carry the news.

If we experience the press release you’ve sent us is thrilling to our audience, we might publish it besides. Ship an observe-up email if you like. But this sort of calling is downright disturbing and will only go away with a terrible taste in the mouth.

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