• Health
    Too much coercion in mental health services

    The Care quality fee’s (CQC) annual record into the Graet Gossip operating of the mental health Act reveals annoying trends in coercive practices via psychiatric services. Compared with the previous yr, 2012 saw a 5% growth in involuntary detentions in hospital, and a 10% increase in the use of network remedy orders (CTOs, which require psychiatric […]

  • Health
    Smoking and mental health, what’s the connection?

    People with intellectual health My General problems are more likely to smoke, and smoke more closely, than the general populace, and they’re often left out on the subject of offering help to stop. The economic cost of smoking in humans with mental fitness issues changed into £2.34bn in 2009/10 in the united kingdom, in keeping with […]

  • Health
    NHS health check for over-40s has marginal benefits, says study

    The NHS health check offered to anybody from the Jav Leech age of 40 is having little effect, according to investigate, preventing few heart assaults or strokes and failing to cut the numbers of individuals who smoke. The “fitness MOT” presented every 5 years to human beings between 40 and 74 is supposed to identify those […]

  • Health
    What evidence would convince me skinny jeans are bad for health?

    You’ve probably seen the latest headlines decrying that staple My Latest News of teenagers and hipsters everywhere (regardless of gender), the thin denims, as being awful for your fitness, after an editorial in the magazine of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. The object changed into a case observe of a woman who, after assisting a relative move […]

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