Cooper Health sues after failed sanatorium acquisitions

Cooper University Health Care has long past to court docket to recover $15 million held in escrow after its deserted try and accumulate Lourdes Health System and St. Francis Medical Center. In overdue August, Cooper announced it had signed a…

Cooper University Health Care has long past to court docket to recover $15 million held in escrow after its deserted try and accumulate Lourdes Health System and St. Francis Medical Center.

In overdue August, Cooper announced it had signed a letter of motive to accumulate Lourdes and St. Francis from Trinity Health, a big Catholic fitness device based totally in Livonia, Mich.

Once completed, Camden-primarily based Cooper might have grown into the biggest health machine in South Jersey with nearly $2 billion in revenue every year.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Superior Court in Camden County, got here hastily after an announcement Friday that Cooper had decided in opposition to the purchase and contained a letter outlining what it claims have been the motives the deal fell apart.

The Dec. 15 letter alleges that the meantime president of Lourdes “spoke with the Bishop of Camden, disparaging Cooper and asking the Bishop to interfere to save you the Transaction from intending.”

Carol Lynn Daly, a spokeswoman for Lourdes, denied the allegation.


“These claims haven’t any advantage. We disagree with Cooper’s assessment. The allegations approximately Dr. Blaber’s conversation with the bishop are not true. We will present the data in the courtroom. Our awareness remains on our patients and our colleagues, as always,” Daly said.

Michael J. Walsh, a spokesman for the Diocese of Camden, said Bishop Dennis J. Sullivan changed into briefed on Cooper and Trinity’s proposed transaction.

However, Walsh said, “at no time did he intrude in any way, on behalf of both celebration, in any detail of the transaction.”

The letter lists different problems recognized in a due diligence overview that was “the problem of repeated discussions” between Cooper and Trinity and couldn’t be resolved.

As a result, Cooper stated that it becomes entitled to the $15 million positions in escrow and demanded a response through Monday.

In an electronic mail reaction Monday, a lawyer for Trinity stated that “we do now not agree that the premise for the Cooper termination of the transaction is properly founded” or rise to the thresholds required below the letter of reason. The email changed into a showcase in the Cooper lawsuit, which names Maxis Health System, a department of Trinity, as the defendant.

The acquisition deal between the nonprofit fitness systems turned into a challenge to a country and federal regulatory approval.

No monetary phrases had been disclosed.

Typically while a nonprofit buys another nonprofit, no money is exchanged, through which the acquirer assumes the debt. Trinity’s financials attributed $211 million in debt to Lourdes and $eighty million to St. Francis as of June 30, 2016.

Cooper said it had deliberately invested more than $135 million inside the Lourdes and St. Francis campuses.


“This agreement will carry together fitness-care carriers from across south and primary New Jersey, permitting us to dramatically increase access to the high nice of care for heaps of latest patients,” George E. Norcross III, chairman of the board of trustees of Cooper, stated in a statement after the letter of reason become signed.

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