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IN February, His Majesty King Salman Abdulaziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia turned gracious to accept honorary doctorates from the University of Malaya (UM) and the Global Islamic College Malaysia (IIUM). It became momentous and a privileged occasion, thinking about King…

IN February, His Majesty King Salman Abdulaziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia turned gracious to accept honorary doctorates from the University of Malaya (UM) and the Global Islamic College Malaysia (IIUM).

It became momentous and a privileged occasion, thinking about King Salman, who spent his 3 nights in Malaysia gracing our universities.

On behalf of the Malaysian authorities, I also signed a memorandum of information on training matters with my Saudi Arabian counterpart during this nation visit.

Over the last few months, MoUs with Senegal and Turkey had been finished. The MoUs are big as they may facilitate extra cooperation in higher schooling, including pupil mobility for entry into our better education institutions.

I feel proud because these activities suggest the reputation and popularity of Malaysia’s better training machine within the worldwide arena.

These positive trends surely strengthen Malaysia’s power to be a worldwide schooling vacation spot through 2025.


According to the Business enterprise for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), more than five million college students have been predicted to depart their home nations to pursue higher schooling in 2015.

Of this quantity, approximately fifty-three consistent with cent were from Asia, 25 in keeping with cent from Europe and eight in keeping with cent from Africa. And, that is a rising fashion.

In Malaysia, as of Dec 31, 2016, there had been 172,886 Global students in our better training establishments, non-public and International faculties, and language centers. In higher schooling on my own, there are 132,710 Global college students.


A 2014 Unesco document titled “higher schooling Asia: Expanding Up, Expanding Out” highlighted five key reasons for International students to choose Malaysia as their educational vacation spot — cultural consolation, fee, the fee for money, the language of training and fine of existence.

History of Hawaii – Ten Turning Points


What are the ten maximum massive turning points inside the records of Hawaii?

First, let’s be clear: The “history” of Hawaii I am speaking about right here started in 1778, with Western contact. The Hawaiians recorded records via chants that advised of births and deaths, battles and victories. But none of it became written down until Captain James Cook dinner showed up.

And that could be the primary most giant turning point.

While Cook’s dinner took place upon this fleet of islands out within the center of the Pacific, he modified the whole thing for those islands’ people.

For the very first visit, the ones humans now knew that other lands existed now not simply in memories surpassed down thru generations However in actual time. The folks who lived in formerly unknown far-flung lands have been specific in look, language, and lifestyle.

Oh yes, and the Hawaiians also discovered that the ones people had a whole new set of unknown diseases, which over the next hundred years might so devastate the Hawaiian human beings that their populace was cut to approximately a 10th of what it was Whilst Prepare dinner arrived.


The following large turning factor would be the unification of the islands via Kamehameha, the bold Hawaii Island chief who overcame the armies of Maui leader Kahekili to take control of Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and eventually, in 1795, Oahu. Kamehameha by no means conquered Kauai. However, they gained control via a settlement with that island’s leader. By no means once more might every island be the fief of a nearby chief; now, they all belonged to one nation.

Turning factor wide variety three would be the death of Kamehameha in 1819.

His power and knowledge had kept matters really under manipulate as Hawaii discovered to cope with an inflow of income-hungry outsiders.

As is so frequently the case, the 2 sons who observed him lacked that energy and wisdom and buckled to outside influence’s advanced energy. Quickly, the chiefs who craved Western items had wrestled away manipulate of the beneficial sandalwood marketplace, and the mountainsides have been stripped of their bounty to pay for trinkets for the chiefs.

Variety 1: The overturning of the kapu system. Queens Kaahumanu and Keopuolani took advantage of the dying in their mutual husband, Kamehameha, to overthrow this system that had ruled the civic, social, and religious lifestyles of their humans for generations. It’s far said this is the first time in history that human beings discarded their very own religion.

Wide variety 2: The missionaries’ timing becomes impeccable. They arrived in Hawaii simply months after the overthrow of the kapu. They discovered a people disordered and downhearted, laid low with losses due to Western sickness, the greed in their chiefs, and their conventional religion’s disappearance. It was an open area for the missionaries, and shortly Hawaii turned into a Christian land.

Variety 3: usage Male, beginning in 1848, delivered Western-style personal property possession to the islands, and in the process, leaving many local Hawaiians without land of their very own home.Number: 4: The overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893 through white businessmen ended nearly 2000 years of control through people of Polynesian history whose ancestors had settled those islands. The new rulers established a Western-style republic, biding their time to persuade users to take them in.

Be a Light in the World


God says during the Bible to be a light on this international of darkness. But how are we able to be a light in this international of first-rate poverty and violence? How can we now not feel so overwhelmed with grief that spiritual renewal appears to be the last factor on our minds?

I consider that one manner to be a light in this international is to live as God lived. There was violence and poverty in God’s day, too, when he walked the earth. But he didn’t get crushed by way of it. He typical it as a fact of existence But helped every person he met by shining his goodness on them.

So, right here are some concrete methods to be mild on this global of darkness:

1. Pray frequently. God constantly went off on the mountain to wish. So, we need to additionally go off on our own to wish frequently. The greater frequently we can pray, the better we will sense, and the extra table we will sense to stay within the global as a mild.

2. Stay within the global However, do not be of the world. This is something that is referred to pretty a chunk in the Bible. However, how are we able to live this way? To live on this global, we must be aware of what is going on. However, not to be sucked into it. In different phrases, we have to not act like each person else is acting. As a substitute, we need to be examples of suitable conduct.

3. Love absolutely everyone that you meet unconditionally. In no way have situations to loving others. As a substitute, simply love as God cherished.

Reasons to Approach Overseas Education Consultants


Analyzing overseas is becoming an increasingly more famous option for college kids who desire to broaden their outlook on lifestyles and advantage a significant education. With so many options available, college students will find it hard to apprehend which university and which degree would be pleasantly suited to their situation. That is wherein overseas education experts play an essential function.

Most students who want to take a look overseas are careworn about which of a to go to, the institute to choose, what they’re seeking out of their career, the methods to use for their visa, and what checks to take. Overseas education consultants preserve themselves updated on the ultra-modern compliances and necessities and are well versed in the techniques for college and visa packages. They’ll be capable of guide you through every and each step with precision and clarity. You will get a comprehensive idea approximately courses available at every university, possible career pathways, eligibility necessities, value implications, and alertness time limits.

Here are some of the motives why you need to get in contact with an awesome education representative.

They may assist you selected the correct career.

Many college students may not be aware of the numerous new career possibilities to be had. A good training counselor will help you cut down your options based totally on your competencies and pursuits and help you make the right choice regarding your career. They will endorse you on what type of activity you can do after finishing a specific course and the money you could doubtlessly earn.

They’re nicely networked with leading universities overseas.

If you think about which countries provide precise education in your area of the hobby, a representative can help by suggesting the quality college for a specific path that you could want to pursue. You will be given diverse options, a lowdown on the path at every college, and will also be suggested on the admission requirements.
They’ll assist you in getting your visa approval.

Making use of a visa can be the time in-depth, complicated, and very harrowing. Many students discover it difficult to get collectively the files and approvals required. Going through a schooling consultancy may be much easier, as they have got accurate enjoyment in the documentation, understand all the right channels, and get matters performed for you in half of the time!

They will give you precious monetary advice.

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