Style Conversational Week 1172: For ‘Pie’ week, a nifty gadget

It’s word bank time! As I Add Crazy noted in the advent to this week’s contest, Week 1172, The fashion Invitational has run some contests in which we’ve requested you to compose something using best the words in a particular piece…

It’s word bank time! As I Add Crazy noted in the advent to this week’s contest, Week 1172, The fashion Invitational has run some contests in which we’ve requested you to compose something using best the words in a particular piece of writing, like a big container of these magnets that you’re supposed to write poems with for your fridge door.

In deciding on “American Pie” this time, I preferred the variety among its 320 particular words. And that I wish readers of several generations are acquainted enough with the track to apprehend a number of the phrases as being from a specific point in the song; I suppose that enhances the humor, though it’s now not a requirement.

This just in! When I posted the Invitational on line on Thursday morning and endured to write down this column, Loser Todd DeLap compiled and published on the Style Invitational Devotees FB page an alphabetical list of all the phrases acting in “American Pie,” entire with a wide variety of times every phrase is used. I’ve published this online in chart shape at In case you try this contest, please use this list. For one issue, you’ll be able to check your entry to make certain you haven’t introduced any ineligible phrases or used a word too regularly. Todd has offered to run all my entry finalists via a validator application that he’s growing, so if you test your own work against this word list, you’ll know your access won’t be DeLapped from the competition. Thank you, Todd, from everybody.
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Out beyond phrase bank contests have produced a few conventional inks over the years. The first I did was to string together words from one or chapter of Genesis’s book. To make it even more difficult, I insisted that entrants use the words in the order they appeared in the unique. The Inker winner: Chapters 37-38: Being seventeen years old, the lad could not communicate peaceably. He told his brethren and mother to “flock off.” Father stated, “My son’s an evil beast — be pleased the kid isn’t twins!” (Michelle Stupak)

I had chosen the Bible clearly as it became public domain, and smooth to get entry to again while many readers weren’t properly familiar with search engines like google and yahoo. But I felt in a while that I’d made a mistake; I wasn’t out to desecrate a sacred text, and a few humans wrote in to say that’s precisely what I used to be doing (particularly with the triumphing access).
Since then, I’ve stayed away from the nonsecular stuff (though the Gettysburg address’s contest produced as a minimum one comparable criticism of blasphemy). We’ve used the charter to create a new change, we’ve used “The Cat in the Hat,” we’ve used “Hamlet,” we even used the textual content of that week’s Invitational.


For notion, here are hyperlinks to the consequences of some in advance phrase bank contests (scroll past the week’s new contest).

I was quite apprehensive about rerunning the 2000 contest called Asterisk business. After all, proof of a shaggy dog story has a tendency to kill it, and wouldn’t a protracted, complicated explanation kill it extra? And certainly, quite a few of the entries for Week 1168 bored me even sillier than I normally am; one rationalization ran four paragraphs. But I had more than funny enough, moderately concise esoteric jokes to fill the print page plus upload a half-dozen entry for this week’s online Invite Wide News.

However, some clever entries included nerdy terminology that didn’t fill the requirement that the punch line couldn’t be understood with our specialized information. Like Mark Raffman’s “Why did Mick Jagger fail as a lepidopterist? Due to the fact, a Rolling Stone gathers no moths.” The punch line itself makes it totally clean what a lepidopterist is; no asterisk needed.

This week’s pinnacle winners delve into overseas languages, clinical terminology, and botany. Inkin’ Memorial winner Duncan Stevens simply wrote to inform me that he encountered the French word phone — and yes, that O is mentioned more like “uh” than “oh” — on a high faculty study-abroad software; “the teacher turned into going over vocab words and desired to know why all the individuals have been snickering.” Duncan is on a heck of a roll in the latest weeks — 10 inks in the previous four weeks.

Kel Nagel, a retired physician who lives some distances off on Maryland’s jap Shore but has arisen extra than once for Loser brunches, manages to get a zingy political dig into a contest that didn’t seem conducive to it. this is just the eighth blot of ink for Kel and his first-ever one “above the fold.” Then again, Mae Scanlan keeps sailing past the 300-ink mark and her 28th visit to the Losers’ Circle. As simply interesting as but another prize mug is for Mae, she might be even a touch bit more excited that her oncologist has simply reported her recent and grueling stretch of chemo totally a hit. Mae, we can’t wait to peer you a subsequent month at the Flushes! Watch your 1ec5f5ec77c51a968271b2ca9862907d over the next week or so for an invitation to this yr’s Flushes, the Loser network’s annual awards “feast,” in what might be its exceptional site ever in 22 years of Flushing: Globe-trotting diplomat Loser Robin Diallo has set down stakes (as a minimum as a home base) in rural Lothian, Md., in southern Anne Arundel County, where she and her own family have a mini-farm whole with horses, goats, a miniature pony, and a llama — all eminently pettable. So even the maximum junior Losers are welcome to the potluck. If the weather cooperates, we’ll be capable of sing in conjunction with the always amazing tune parodies written for the event. Loser Nan Reiner is flying up from Florida to deliver them.

The Flushes can be greater leisurely paced than usual — Robin and hub Khalil will welcome us from about noon to six, with the awards/entertainment a part of this system taking place pretty early in that interval, so that pianist Steve Honley can get to any other gig. Simply deliver some meals and/or drink to a percentage, plus $5 a person to cover some fees. Robin thinks she can accommodate about 60 humans. As in the past, there should be carpooling possibilities from numerous factors in the area. One request: Can anybody pressure a load of chairs from Laurel to Lothian? Elden Carnahan wishes for your assist. In case you assume you may come with the aid of at the manner to the Flushies, please contact Elden (dot) Carnahan (at) electronic mail (dot) com.

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