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Where Mobile SEO Services Find The Biggest Problems

Most business owners are familiar with the need for mobile SEO. After all, nearly half of web traffic today comes from a mobile phone. SEO remains essential, but SEO focused on that mobile traffic only continues to grow in importance.…

Most business owners are familiar with the need for mobile SEO. After all, nearly half of web traffic today comes from a mobile phone. SEO remains essential, but SEO focused on that mobile traffic only continues to grow in importance. Mobile SEO services, though, tend to only focus on a few things. Wondering why? If your site is already optimized, ensuring it’s optimized for mobile may be easier than you think. What are mobile SEO service providers most concerned about? Take a look.

Mobile SEO Services

Page Load Time

Load times have long been an important component of websites, but nowhere is that more true than in the world of mobile browsing today. When a mobile user searches for information, they want to quickly access it, and if it doesn’t load fast enough, they’ll leave for another site. With the right tools at your fingertips, you can see both where your site is performing well and where it needs a bit of help. If you find that you’re struggling in more than one space, it’s easy to get help with your page speed from specialized SEO services. London companies like ours work with organizations regularly to improve load time to ensure everyone can access the site quickly and easily.

Responsive Design

If you’re going to attract mobile visitors who want to return to your site, responsive design is an absolute must. Unfamiliar with the idea? It simply means that your site adapts to the device where it’s being loaded. Whether your site is being viewed on a desktop computer, a smartphone, or a tablet, your audience will easily be able to browse and see the text, images, and videos as they should. This is an issue because should someone attempt to navigate your desktop site on a smartphone, it might appear crowded or even unreadable. Imagine having to zoom in and out just to find the right spaces to click! You’re likely to rather quickly lose a smartphone viewer on your desktop site, which is what makes responsive design so helpful. Without it, you’re just driving leads away. Responsive designs are focused on user experience, which can help create a positive image of your company. Once you’ve built something responsive with easy to find calls to action, you’re going to find you attract more visitors than you ever thought possible with your site, and that can really improve your returns.

Local-Friendly Terms

Having a website gives you the ability to target anyone anywhere in the world. Statistics indicate, though, that most mobile searchers are looking for something a bit closer to home, and that’s where local SEO enters the picture. The goal here is to rank higher in your area. If you have a local shop, restaurant, or office you want people to be frequent, optimizing on a more local level is the goal to get people through the door. That allows you to reach people who are using terms like “open now” or “near me,” then connect with your business. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to do. You simply adapt your content by incorporating local keywords. For example, imagine you run a bakery in Dalston. A keyword like “Bakery in Dalston” should certainly be part of your content because people are likely to use similar terms to find you.


Tired of hearing the content drum beaten at every turn? There’s a good reason for it. Content really matters, and it particularly matters when it comes to mobile because not all content was made for mobile users. You’ll want to ensure your content is easy to scroll and packed with photos and videos. People read content differently on a desktop than they do on a mobile device. Those reviewing your site on a mobile device are looking for interesting, engaging content, and building in interactive elements and more can make that happen.

Not sure whether your site is gathering the level of mobile traffic you want? Give us a call. Offering some of the best SEO services London companies need, we’ll complete a comprehensive evaluation of your site and offer you the recommendations you need to move forward. Learn more when you reach out today.

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