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We’re simply over a week from Christmas Day, and my stand mixer is getting the sort of exercising that forces me to recollect where I left that warranty card. Relatives in Arizona, California, and friends in Pennsylvania have anticipated a…

We’re simply over a week from Christmas Day, and my stand mixer is getting the sort of exercising that forces me to recollect where I left that warranty card. Relatives in Arizona, California, and friends in Pennsylvania have anticipated a container of treats every 12 months. But transport cookies is not any smooth mission—there are matters to consider. Can frosting make it there unhurt, or ought to I ice the cookies? How ought to I p.C. Them? Should I actually have saved all of those little packets of silica gel? Thankfully, there are answers.


Not All Cookies Ship Equally

As lots as I’d like to ship a few cute Lofthouse cookies to friends and loved ones in AZ and CA, it’s no longer going on. Soft and/or frosted cookies will stale quick, and that frosting goes to smear anywhere it in all likelihood can.

Your fine bet is to paste to less assailable cookies—suppose gingerbread, biscotti, ye olde chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, and unfrosted sugar cookies.

Instead of frosting, whip up a batch of royal icing. This is the beautiful, sleek frosting you see on cookies that you may consider is definitely made through a hand. It may be dyed any coloration that you can imagine and the first-class element? It’s company while dry, so it gained’t be smooshed and smudged everywhere ought to the delivery employer determine to play dodgeball with it.

The finest enemy of transport items is empty space in packaging. Admittedly, a golf club is a chunk greater durable than a cookie. However, the principle is the same.

I’ve discovered that for non-flat cookies like chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin et al., putting two cookies collectively like a sandwich after which wrapping them permits for an extra cramped area in a container. You’ll be capable of standing them up on the area, which leaves much less literal wiggle room; because of this, they’ll be much less susceptible to breakage. And that bad area that stays? Shove something type of void fill you can in there—cardboard shreds, foam peanuts, or puffs. However, remember the fact that little or no of that cloth is meals safe.

Space ends in the air. Air ends in stale cookies. Stale cookies result in a whole bag of emotions that no one desires to deal with, and your hard work being thrown away. The maximum ingenious answer for this that I’ve seen is sealing cookies in a bag using a flat-iron. Before this, I only ever used my female friend’s it-value-how-much flat iron for last-minute contact-united states of American my shirt collars and cuffs, so I was satisfied to discover that it had any other use to justify the cost.

Now that your cookies are wrapped and packed, you need a second protection line: A larger box. If it’s desirable enough for the Ark of the Covenant, it’s proper sufficient for you.


Whatever lovely container your cookies are in, seal it and wrap it with bubble wrap, then vicinity that in a bigger, uglier container. This one is there to absorb any bumps and bruises so that you don’t need to head full Stepford making it lovely. Fill any empty space so that the inner field received’t shift, and seal the whole lot up. Now you’re geared up to p.C. Your shipping container, which you’ll also fill with—you guessed it—greater void fill.

Choose Your Shipping Type Carefully

Because those are perishable items, you’ll want the fastest approach to shipping that you can justify. There are just a few shipping days left earlier than Christmas, so assume to pay significantly extra if you’ve waited until now.

USPS, UPS, and FedEx provide varying fees depending on transport type and size. However, I’ve found that the Priority Mail delivery from USPS is the exceptional price for the money—flat price, fast transport, and a field of very regular dimensions.

If all else fails, Cookie-Gram.

Hopefully, these pointers get your labors of love there in-tact and on time. If you, without a doubt, don’t have the electricity or manner, don’t be ashamed to apply one of the tens of millions of gift basket services available online.

When considering the time, components, labor, and packaging/transport—these are flawlessly suitable alternatives. For one, I look ahead to as a minimum one Hickory Farms basket every year—despite the discontinuation of their cheese fudge.


Well? Did you get the whole lot beneath manipulating the day past on Thanksgiving? Pies all baked? Was the turkey cooked nicely? Everyone arrives on time? Did you take into account the cranberry sauce and the rolls? Now, you start hitting the malls or your computer for purchasing; adorning the yard and house; placing up the tree; baking the vacation cookies; sending out playing cards for Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa; and on and on and on, nonetheless… Lack of sleep, grief or loneliness, confined fitness, buying – huge strain resources, right? Are you mentally and bodily exhausted but? How about overstimulated? ACK!

Family and cultural traditions, along with expectancies (real or imagined), can have a tendency to blow up your strain degrees to a frenzied pitch. Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, or the thought of spending manner too much time with that impolite Uncle Fred may want to simply make you want to junk all of it and take a warm bath, proper? Stop and take a deep breath! You recognize me: I’m no longer one to dwell at the poor, so allow’s locate the wish in this situation, OK? You aren’t on my own!

How DO we cope with all this? You’d suppose we’d all be experts at coping with the holidays due to the fact we do it year after yr after yr. History will repeat itself until we examine the lesson, eh? Guess we are nonetheless learning! So, here are some suggestions to keep in mind and exercise so that maybe, just perhaps, as we’re launched into the beginning of some wildly nerve-racking weeks, we will set some obstacles, be realistic, instill some true habits and get through it – with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts!

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