The Kolkata sports fan: a portrait

In November 2014, I went to the Salt Lake Stadium to watch a match in the newly launched Indian Super League football tournament. It was the slick, loud, much-hyped alternative to the older, organic national football league. It featured a…

In November 2014, I went to the Salt Lake Stadium to watch a match in the newly launched Indian Super League football tournament. It was the slick, loud, much-hyped alternative to the older, organic national football league. It featured a host of aging global stars playing for franchises owned or fronted by celebrities – including Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly.

Many, as it turned out. ATK’s average attendance for the first two seasons would be more than 40,000. And as I saw that night, it was a mixed crowd, including several families out for the evening, women – now, there’s definitely a first – munching on their muri (puffed rice) and grumbling about the ten-rupee charge for a microscopic cup of tea.

They could have been at an IPL game or, indeed, at the Pro Kabaddi League, supporting Bengal Warriors (who play to packed houses at the Netaji Indoor Stadium). The city’s sheer population makes it easy for clubs and franchises to put bums on seats – and it’s not merely about the numbers. The crowd support had played an integral role in KKR’s success, whether they are cheering from the stands during a match or turning out in their thousands for the victory parade when the team won the league in 2012.

The one time Kolkata was divided, though, was when Ganguly played for Pune Warriors against KKR. A rough estimate was that the older generation supported Ganguly, and the younger supported KKR (or the team’s owner, Shah Rukh Khan).

Football matches over the past couple of seasons have been relatively low-key – with Salt Lake Stadium being readied for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup later this year, matches are being played at smaller venues or even outside the city – but those who play for the city’s big clubs will still vouch for the fans’ loyalty (and, in equal measure, for their demands).

So much has changed about Kolkata, and yet so little.

What remains, as my friend Joy Bhattacharjya, who has seen the city as a student, as a sports fan, and now as a sports administrator, says, is the innate Kolkata curiosity – the curiosity that made the city India’s quizzing capital. The curiosity that saw thousands flock to the World Table Tennis championships in 1975 and ensured that, 40 years later, the same venue was packed for kabaddi matches. IPL, EPL, ISL, PKL… if there’s a sport in town, Kolkata will embrace it for a roller-coaster ride.

The Best Restaurant Deals In Kolkata


Kolkata – The City of Joy

Rich in the subculture, wealthy in history, Kolkata, the country capital of West Bengal, has continually taken huge delight in being one of India’s oldest towns. The metropolis has always been recognized for its unique tradition and wealthy traditions. The people of Kolkata have always loved the metropolis’ glorified records, which dates lower back to be in data considering that 1690. As soon as comprising 3 giant villages, namely Kalikata, Gobindapur, and Sutanuti, the location has extended its wings to stretch as 1,886.Sixty-seven so. Km. It is not simply the financial and commercial focal point of East and North-Eastern India. Kolkata has also evolved out to be the “Cultural Capital of India,” generating some of the finest literary nobles.


This city has given huge splendor already but still has plenty greater to provide to its people. The 325 yr old lavish civilization still maintains to rule hearts and minds with the taste of its way of life, lifestyle, architectural lavishness, or even maximum food. Amidst the varied styles and ethnicities that the city offers, one quality thread that binds all the “Kolkatans” collectively is the love for food. Kolkata has constantly been famous for imparting the most terrific and mouth-watering delights to those who want to bask in a few responsible pleasures.

Kolkata – The Food Lovers’ Hub

From the spicy road meals for the ones, undisciplined hoggers to the maximum splendid improvements inside the name of chocolates and cakes for people with a candy enamel, this Metropolitan of India looks after all of the meals demands of all of us. Many restaurants, eateries, and meals joints have spread out at numerous points on the chest of the town of pleasure and had been serving the guy Kolkatans with their want of the kind of delectable savories for the reason that years. Conventional to modern, these food joints had been carefully catering to each platter’s desires, and with time, greater restaurants get installed with innumerable sorts to offer.

The essence of the Internet To Find The Best Place To Eat.

Hence, modern times have visible a brewing opposition amongst these eateries to bring out the great to the human beings and be on the rat race’s pinnacle spot. Every different eating place is seen to pop out with a few alternative deals and reductions to appeal to a consumer base in the direction of itself. But many instances, it’s miles seen that the efforts that these eateries make pass not noted. Improper advertising strategies may be blamed for this to an extent. Not many human beings go through newspapers every day to look out for those offers and reductions.

Winter Sports Vs. Summer Sports


Winter sports Vs. Summertime sports, who will win? As you may already recognize, seasons require specific varieties of sports for the more youthful and older generation. It actually depends on which state, area, and country you stay as properly. The season and temperature require specific varieties of sports. Let’s have a look at a few sports activities you could perform in every season.

Winter sports:

gymnastics, basketball, ice hockey, and indoor tennis. These sports may be accomplished in any given season, regardless of whether or not it’s miles bloodless or now not. People like indoor sports all through the less warm season as it without a doubt helps them to live the fit and in form during the whole yr. Some humans have a tendency to handiest do sports activities in the summertime which results in a balanced way of life and health. If you need to grow to be a success in fitness, profession, and sports activities, you certainly want to do iciness sports.

Summer sports:

People suggest there are greater summer season sports than wintry weather sports, so what is real? In the summer season, you’ve got the possibility to stand many outdoor activities consisting of football, basketball, avenue hockey, seaside activities, water sports activities, tennis going for walks, biking, hiking, etc. There are possibly as many opportunities in summer as there are in winter. The simplest difference is that we people have a tendency to be lazy while it is cold outdoor. Summer sports activities help us stay in form and enjoy the sunny days at some stage in the hotter and warmer season. There are extraordinary types of activities you may carry out, which are an unmarried player and multiplayer. Playing soccer, basketball, and road hockey calls for at least 2 games, higher more. The amusing and enjoyable thing is more than one times better if you play together with your friends, family and other people you do realize. Rate. However, sports such as strolling and swimming can be completed via one person and don’t require a 2nd character.

Make Your Fan User-Friendly


Add Length

A common criticism is the length of many fan energy cords. It may be trouble to apply an extension cord. You can make it greater versatile and to fit your precise desires with an extended wire being added. There are plenty of sizes you can pick out from in addition to shades. You can get a heavy responsibility one or a regular one too. It all comes all the way down to your unique needs.

Change Plug Type

You can also need a 2 or 3 prong fan power cords to get your product to paintings wherein you’re going to plug it in. It may be frustrating when the product would not include what you need. It isn’t difficult to make the alternate, though, with a new plug type. The quiet of the brand new power delivery you pick may have the proper plug layout, which will assist from.

The head configuration may be trouble in various houses and agencies. You do not have to shop for new products to house that. If you have something unique, you must nevertheless be capable of finding the right wire to paintings with it. This technique isn’t always tough to exchange them out, and you may store lots of cash inside the intervening time.

Replace for Safety

You need to investigate your fan strength cords and look for signs of damage from time to time. If you could see it’s miles getting thin in regions, there may be a cut, or maybe a burn due to the area you use it, that could be a protection chance. If your fan is shorting out due to the way the plug fits, that should also be a crimson flag. Don’t danger it, get one of the new ones and it may be operating find it irresistible must right away.

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