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The SETI Institute is searching for a creative and visionary leader to function as its Director of Education and maintain and expand its huge-based application in formal and casual training. The function calls for near collaboration with Institute scientists, outside…

The SETI Institute is searching for a creative and visionary leader to function as its Director of Education and maintain and expand its huge-based application in formal and casual training. The function calls for near collaboration with Institute scientists, outside agencies, and many investment agencies. The Director can have the obligation of constructing on the foundation of the Institute’s existing programs and coordinating partnership development to have a good, more significant effect in technology schooling. A vital element of this approach may be making alliances with scientific and educational corporations that have desires in line with our goals. We are searching out a mid-profession professional with strong knowledge of and connections in the area-science training community. The Director of Education reviews directly to the CEO and might be a member of the Institute’s leadership team.


The SETI Institute, based in 1984, is an extensively reputable non-income medical studies and educational business enterprise, engaged in research and outreach focused on the know-how and explaining the beginning and nature of life inside the universe, and making use of that information to inspire and guide present and future generations. We have a passion for discovery and sharing know-how as scientific ambassadors to the public, the press, and the government. The Institute is positioned in Mountain View, California, in the midst of Silicon Valley and employs greater than 70 scientists and a crew of aid groups of workers. The Institute’s paintings include planetary technological know-how, astrobiology, astrophysics, life sciences, and the era that underlies one’s fields.


In collaboration with the CEO and senior control, develop techniques and unique plans for applications in schooling that guide the project of the company and offer impartial funding;
Prepare budgets and recommendations, and work with ability funders reap financing from external sources;
Hire, provide training, supervision, and mentorship to training workforce;
Develop alliances with a wide range of tutorial companies to fulfill the Institute’s academic objectives;
Disseminate facts approximately the Institute’s educational applications thru meetings, articles, displays, and the media;

Stay abreast of the latest funding opportunities in schooling and outreach and reply in a well-timed manner;
Participate in senior control meetings and collaborate closely with senior staff, scientists, Board of Trustees, and donors in planning in addition to in aid and program development;
Represent the Institute as a spokesperson in suitable training and public settings;
Manage and document on the company, foundation, and federal presence and outside contracts;


At least a master’s degree in astronomy or bodily technological know-how, with course paintings in science schooling, or a grasp’s degree in science training with coursework in astronomy or an appropriate physical, technical expertise.

A minimum of ten years of revel in overseeing and coping with schooling packages.
Experience in writing and handling federal, corporate, or personal provide proposals;
At least 3 years of revel in choosing and supervising workforce;
Must have revealed in forging strategic alliances with other corporations;
Excellent conversation and presentation abilities are required;
Computer literacy relevant to the job necessities is a should;
Direct revel in a lecture room or casual training setting is appropriate;
Must possess multi-tasking and time control abilities;
Travel and a flexible work schedule are required.

Finance Education for Bank and Credit Union Directors: Lending Is a Risky Business

When it comes to director finance training, the variations among banks and credit score unions fade away. The message is evident for all directors. Understand the price range of your economic institution nicely enough to do your process as a director.

  • How might you solve those questions?
  • How do I understand what I ought to know approximately monetary group price range?
  • How do I realize if I am aware of it accurately enough?
  • How would I show that I even have met my duties in this area?

 Duty of Care

All directors of every kind of board have a ‘responsibility of care’ which calls for “such care, including affordable inquiry, as a by and large prudent character in a like function might use beneath similar circumstances.”

The concept of a reasonably prudent character does now not offer an uncomplicated definition. At the very least, the director should search for facts from dependable sources outdoor of their financial group’s management. Bank and Credit Union conferences are an excellent supply for this out of doors attitude. I advise each director to maintain the very own information about your continuing training.

Test yourself: The Seven Risks

The regulators do deliver some guidance. Here is a quick quiz. Before you still examine this article:

List the seven types of risks found in depository institutions that the regulators imply are critical for a director to apprehend

Define each of the seven in a sentence or two

Rate your financial institution on every (terrible, fair, correct, amazing) and explain why you selected that score
I’ll inform you of the seven risks at the give up of this text. Before you take a look at it, don’t forget how hard or smooth that brief exercise became. If you are a director, do you want to better apprehend the dangers or the way to examine your financial group in the seven regions?

Test your self: Your Board Packet

When you get hold of your subsequent board packet, don’t forget the ‘dashboard’ metrics provided. Are there facts about the capital ratio? Loan growth? Deposit boom? Loan to deposits? I am no longer suggesting these are the high-quality or the best metrics for your board to monitor, but I wonder what you are furnished with.

Then bear in mind:

  • Do you apprehend how that metric is calculated?
  • Is growing or decreasing favorable for that metric?
  • If it’s miles converting, is that movement or that route predicted or unexpected?
  • Do you already know what the goal is? Is there a goal?
  • How and why is it crucial for your economic institution?
  • How and why is it essential that the board recollects that metric?

Whose ‘Duty of Care’ is it, besides?

The ‘Duty of Care’ is an individual duty of every director. It is one of the things you cannot delegate to control or to different directors. Three steps toward meeting the responsibility of care include taking an independent motion to understand your economic organization’s price range, getting to know about the risks you are accountable to monitor, and asking questions on the financial statistics you receive at board meetings.


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