Reddit Android App Gets Moderator Mode

Reddit has rolled out the main update to its cell app for Android and iOS gadgets, adding a slew of functions inclusive of the Moderator mode, which lets in mods control content material. If you’re a Reddit moderator, the functionality…

Reddit has rolled out the main update to its cell app for Android and iOS gadgets, adding a slew of functions inclusive of the Moderator mode, which lets in mods control content material. If you’re a Reddit moderator, the functionality will help you approve or brush aside remarks from conversations. While this functionality applies to character content material, the Mod mode can also be used to approve or do away with more than one feedback or threads simultaneously. The cutting-edge and beta features of Modmail are also available with the Mod mode, letting you add or do away with moderators and submitters via your mobile device. The state-of-the-art Reddit update also introduces new skills that help moderators ban, mute, or flag content extra easily while not using a computer browser.


Additionally, the replace additionally brings the “put up aptitude” function guide meant to help you discover an extensive kind of content material at the platform, relying on the subreddit you’re traveling. There’s additionally a brand new button that you could use to chronologically type comments in threads. You can also view the username of original posters on the front web page or lists of threads in precise subreddits. The update comes with a cake icon that sits along your username to mark your “Cake Day,” i.E. Your Reddit account’s anniversary. The cell app for Reddit now additionally indicates your trophy case to showcase your every achievement consisting of your fine comment or your profile’s age. Many of those functionalities have already been supported via 0.33-birthday celebration Reddit clients, including Relay and Reddit, Is Fun. The platform still isn’t seeking to take down from the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, the Reddit cellular app for iOS obtained assist for the “Theater Mode,” which helps you browse content material such as videos in a complete-display screen or panorama view and slide back and forth between clips. It remains uncertain if and when this specific feature can be delivered to the Android model of the carrier. Some components of Reddit’s principal redesign already commenced going stay in the latest months. With the Theater Mode being immediately related to its native video aid, it stands to purpose that the functionality will even launch on Android gadgets within the close to future.

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