Ex-Bloomberg TV Editor Vivek Law launches The Money Mile

In what has ended up the season of media launches, a new finance platform, The MoneyMile, was released by veteran enterprise newshounds Vivek Law and Mitali Mukherjee, finance guru Surya Bhatia, and content material creator Sumit Sabharwal. In a pass…

In what has ended up the season of media launches, a new finance platform, The MoneyMile, was released by veteran enterprise newshounds Vivek Law and Mitali Mukherjee, finance guru Surya Bhatia, and content material creator Sumit Sabharwal. In a pass to boom economic literacy, the four co-founders have released The MoneyMile across virtual, TV, and different mediums. At present, the platform is self-funded and could simplest be available across social media structures to start with.
“We agree with a huge range of our capacity visitors are on social media and our idea is great first of all that,” Vivek, Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of The MoneyMile, told YourStory.

“We will associate with numerous structures, including TV channels, and showcase our providing via tie-ups,” he introduced.

With the proliferation of smartphones and inexpensive records applications, Indians are increasing news on social media structures. It is not any wonder that most new-age digital media are making social media systems their number one distribution channels.

Today’s virtual media continues to be searching for its toes as some distance as a monetizing content is worried. As the serial entrepreneur and Founder of The Quint Raghav Bahl say in a piece of writing in TechCrunch, “The media is passing thru a clumsy digital childhood.”

Talking about their sales version, Vivek says, “We have come at the proper time, we believe because the quantity of buyers is rising. We desire to attract the digital advertising spends of each manufacturer and distributor in the monetary offerings space. More importantly, we intend to work together with various stakeholders to create content material in the vicinity of financial training.”

Mayor Bloomberg Was Right to Ban XL Sodas in New York City


First of all, the ban on sodas over sixteen in New York City is ludicrous in its unmarried-mindedness. It’s ludicrous because the ban says nothing about nonetheless being able to buy a gallon of ice cream, jumbo popcorn, Twinkies, a forty oz. Malt liquor, or 3 8 oz. Mountain Dews. However, this new degree is a step within the proper course in preventing a conflict against obesity and diabetes. Here are some frightening statistics:


– Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes affect greater than 1 billion human beings globally, together with one hundred million Americans and 50% of Americans over the age of sixty-five.

– More than half of Americans are overweight, and 1/three of Americans may be categorized as clinically obese—based on trump’s meaning.

– 24 million Americans have Type 2 Diabetes, and 1 in three unaware that they have got it

– Every 10 seconds, an American dies from diabetes-associated reasons.

– Diabetes is now the 3rd main motive of dying, but dying certificates don’t list diabetes or hyperglycemia because of the underlying purpose of heart attacks, strokes, or deadly infections. Nor do they don’t forget the role of weight problems, insulin resistance, and infection in these situations. If they did, it is quite feasible that diabetes and weight problems might no longer be the leading motive of disease and the leading cause of loss of life—the persuasive power of online reviews WSJ.

– 1/3 of human beings born in 2010 will develop diabetes at some point in their existence

– A latest Yale look indicated that almost one in four kids between four and 18 have pre-diabetes (glucose intolerance). Some regional studies show Type 2 diabetes in children has jumped from less than 5% before 1994 to 50% in 2004.

– 10% of kids among the while of 2-five are clinically obese

From 1993 to 2008, the number of people inside the globe with diabetes-accelerated seven-fold from 35 million to 240 million is predicted to push 380 million through 2030. This is ten instances the number of humans tormented by HIV/AIDS international. In the U.S., the prevalence of diabetes is projected to increase to 44 million within the 12 months of 2034. wall street journal articles search.

Hire a Book Editor


Why do I assume you must hire an e-book editor?

Well, shall we embrace you’ve determined to hire an e-book ghost creator? You don’t have the time, inclination, skills, or information to jot down professionally, but you have got notable thoughts and might set all of them to paper. On the other hand, you have got had a take a look at ebook ghostwriting charges, and you’ve got observed how extraordinarily high they may be. Most ghostwriters charge upwards of $30-50,000 USD to create a 2 hundred-400 web page book, so you are concerned. Why does it feel like an awful lot as a luxurious vehicle to have your ebook ghostwritten?

There is a simple way around this: have your nearly complete manuscript edited, ghost edited in fact, rather than ghostwritten. Hire an e-book editor instead of an ebook ghost author. All you want to do is type out your manuscript, write it out as smartly as possible, make it clean to study, and ensure your ideas stumble upon well enough for an editor to work with them. You do not ought to be best; the manuscript would not need to be in exact English or nicely-written. That can be the job of your e-book editor, to put it into professional running order. That’s why you hire a book editor.

Your e-book editor will rewrite, polish, and arrange your manuscript.

It may additionally want extra than just grammar, syntax, and some color, redundancy, and fashion enhancing – it could additionally require some thorough content material and developmental enhancing. Depending on the volume of the paintings concerned, modifying a 200-four hundred web page, double-spaced, 50-a hundred, 000-word e-book manuscript may cost from $500 for easy line editing and proofread all the way as much as $10-15,000 for complex developmental modifying, which includes including copy, rearranging ideas and lengthening the plots, characters, etc. Contained in the manuscript. But this is ways, ways much less than everyday charges for e-book ghostwriting.

When you rent an ebook editor, you have to test out their credentials first.

Read over references and recommendations, and ask to check several editing samples. You can also need your manuscript edited with unique features in Word, together with the usage of purple marks or Track Changes. This can all be mentioned together with your book editor previous to editing the manuscript. While you lease an e-book editor, ensure that final proofreading of the manuscript is covered in the ordinary book editing price.

Save Money, But Get a Great Product


The monetary burden should not prevent you from getting the help you need up and down the steps.

If you’re taking dangers, there is the hazard of a fall going on. There is the chance of significant clinical issues and additionally excessive medical payments. You can get the assist you want and not stress about the cash with reconditioned curved stairlifts. This will let you get only what you want for a fee you like.

They are each bit as durable and nicely made as a modern-day one.

however, they may be used however that is not all they offer. With this type of product, they were carefully examined. They had seemed over in every manner, and an assessment made. Anything faulty or broken, it’s been repaired or replaced.

The cease result is a product that appears modern-day, that works like a modern one. However, reconditioned curved stairlifts don’t have that new charge associated with them. This method permits the objects to be reused and recycled rather than the pieces ending up in landfills. Simultaneously, they allow purchasers to keep cash on their desires, so it’s far a winning final result for all.


The excellent way to decide if one of the reconditioned curved stairlifts will work on your needs is to get a loose session. This involves a provider coming to your private home, taking stock of what you need, and deciding if your private home is an installation to allow it to soundly be introduced. They can discuss the technique and the price concerned for the mission to be completed.


If you are happy with what the carriers share approximately the reconditioned curved stairlifts, you can move ahead with the plans. You can speak the general price, the setup procedure, and get the appointment installation. The installation can take numerous hours to complete, but it has to be achieved all in the same day.

Make positive your appearance closely on the issuer’s credentials, so you can get the proper setup process in place. You want to understand the stairlift is going to work, it is going to be secure to use, and it’s miles going to final. The installer should additionally be willing to attend to ordinary protection for you. They additionally should be inclined to conduct carrier calls if you have any issues.


It is useful to buy one of the reconditioned curved stairlifts that include a high-quality guarantee on it. This will give you a few peace of thoughts ought to there be a few extreme troubles with it, you may get it constant free of charge. The guarantee can vary, although and mean you need to examine thru it all. You do not need to count on your wishes will be covered; best to discover they are not.

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