Apple iOS eleven.2.1 Is Causing Serious Problems

Welcome to the iOS eleven sagas Apple AAPL -zero.08% can’t (or will no longer?) repair. After early signs of hope, five days later, a flurry of familiar terrible comments has hit Apple iOS 11.2.1… Terrible battery existence is again front…

Welcome to the iOS eleven sagas Apple AAPL -zero.08% can’t (or will no longer?) repair. After early signs of hope, five days later, a flurry of familiar terrible comments has hit Apple iOS 11.2.1…

Terrible battery existence is again front and center for iPhone and iPad proprietors after upgrading to iOS 11.2.1 with a few gadgets lasting just mins in a complete charge. It’s a mess, and the earlier Apple receives off this iOS 11 rush-and-launch approach, the higher.

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Here are only some examples of the issues customers are posting on social media and Apple’s authentic Support Communities discussion board:

“When the device is in idle with the display off, there is no battery drain, and as soon as you switch the display on and free up the tool without going for walks any programs now not even in historical past, the battery percent decreases 5% in less than 2 mins this keeps till the smartphone is lifeless with 0% battery inside an hour.” – source.

“@AppleSupport Seven Hells iOS eleven.2.1 is HORRID on my battery. Worse than eleven.1. WTF? I even have a 6S with a replaced battery a year in the past that turned into going from 50% – zero% in 5min. I’m a real Koolaid drinker – but please repair this!” – source.

“Just upgraded my 6S Plus to iOS 11.2.1 and were given the worst ever battery overall performance: within 30 minutes, from 70% down to 10%” – supply.

“Ios eleven.2.1 is clearly Bad… It drains my battery loads… In minutes if I fully price [my] telephone, it drops to 50%” – source

“@AppleSupport, better restore the battery lifestyles inside the ios eleven.2.1!!, it is draining as I type. The use of an iPhone 6s Plus” – supply

“@AppleSupport After updating 11.2.1 battery is draining tons quicker. Any suggestions? iPhone 7 128 GB” – source

“Dear @Apple @AppleSupport. Please forestall making new iOS that drains the battery lifestyles. My iPhone 6s battery is becoming an assignment once more with eleven.2.1” – source.


“I want to downgrade my IOS from 11.2.1 to ios 10. Please assist @AppleSupport After ios eleven battery has started to drain at lightning speed.” – supply.

“@AppleSupport iOS eleven.2.1 has gotten a lot worst with battery lifestyles on my iPhone 6S” – source.

“So, I up to date my iPad Pro to IOS eleven.2.1 and the battery drains in mins. Anyone else? @AppleSupport” – supply

“This new iOS killed my battery, no longer best of the iPhone but all my Apple things too” – source.

“@AppleSupport iOS eleven.2.1…damn! Terrible battery life on #iPhone6S. Any regular usage drains the battery with the aid of five-10% at a time. I’ve had to feed my telephone in numerous instances nowadays. #Help #fail #battery #Apple” – supply

“@AppleSupport Upgraded to 11.2.1 on my iPhone 6s and battery life is abhorrent. Today on my own, it’s down 30% in two hours. No problems previous to the replace from eleven.1.1. Please restore !” – supply

While battery existence troubles stay by using some distance, the primary problem with iOS eleven.2.1 (and iOS eleven is preferred), there are more than one additional problem: repeated restarts, CarPlay dropouts, disconnected WiFi, and multitasking errors.

One iPhone 7 proprietor tweeted me a video on the latter trouble displaying a glitch which blacks out all of the app cards in the multitasking view. He enquired: “Maybe 11.2.2 coming soon?”, one study of Apple’s charge of iOS eleven releases, and I’d propose that’s inevitable.

The bigger query, but, remains battery lifestyles. Given how long those battery issues have endured for such a lot, I wonder whether or not this is something Apple can subsequently deal with or whether it’s going to degenerate into the iOS 10 farce in which users were certainly instructed they needed new iPhone batteries. Some iPhone users controlled to get free replacements; others did now not.


Android is Google’s powered software, while iOS is Apple’s powered software. IOS software can best be on Apple devices, whereas Android is being utilized in numerous devices by way of specific agencies like Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, etc. IOS software program is stated to be more consumer-friendly compared to Android because of its particular designs and uniform factors.

Both operating systems carry merchandise to lifestyles. Android changed into created by using Google, and iOS was evolved by way of Apple. When you are in a competitive market, you have to be one-of-a-kind, but that’s high-quality for you? To find out, keep in mind these 3 essential classes.


Android gives almost unlimited get entry to and lets in settings to be adjusted to choice. Apps, lock monitors, and shortcuts have limitless options. IOS isn’t always nearly as bendy. While this means that a product operating with iOS is much less likely to have its settings broken by the consumer, you also have much less freedom to do what you want with it. Android beats iOS in terms of customization.


For its customers, being a confined method, it is difficult to mess up. Android’s freedom comes with complexity. IOS comes uniform throughout all of their merchandise. I can feel assured giving my 71-yr-antique grandmother an iPad, and she or he would possibly not battle with it. Android works first-rate for individuals who are a little more tech-savvy and for people who want something a piece greater specific. If you want a user-pleasant interface, then Apple may be the right choice.


Another essential identifying aspect is protection. Because iOS is uniform across all merchandise, it is a lot easier to update the gadgets and fix safety patches. Android is used throughout many specific merchandise and companies, which means that security patches are slower and often require additional patching and adjusting, leaving the user vulnerable.

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