Uttar Pradesh: Village bans women from using mobile phones

New Delhi: A village in Uttar Pradesh has banned women from the usage of cell telephones in public in an try and limit their contacts with men and plans hefty fines for violators, police said on Wednesday. Village elders ruled…

New Delhi: A village in Uttar Pradesh has banned women from the usage of cell telephones in public in an try and limit their contacts with men and plans hefty fines for violators, police said on Wednesday.

Village elders ruled that girls discovered using a mobile phone out of doors their homes would be fined a hefty amount of Rs. 21,000. The ruling was issued on Tuesday in Madera, a particularly Muslim village within the northern kingdom of UP.

“We’ve got obtained reports approximately the Khap panchayat ordering the ban on ladies the usage of cellular telephones,” neighborhood police leader Arun Kumar Singh informed AFP. “Such orders are against the charter and we are able to take the movement.”

The council believes that mobile telephones are assisting single women to elope and that a ban will restriction their interaction with guys. The council additionally imposed fines on human beings stuck slaughtering cows or smuggling liquor.

“We do help their measures towards unlawful sports but won’t permit them to lower the freedom of ladies,” Singh stated.

In advance cases, Khap Panchayats have issued diktats such as banning women from wearing denim, ordering critical crimes, including the so-called ‘honor killing’ of couples who marry outside caste or faith.

Critics accuse them of performing like kangaroo courts and handing down public beatings and different punishments for perceived crimes.

Formosan Futuro Village


Visitors and photographers anywhere are continuously trying to find that specific experience. That precise shot of that particular place that receives the respect and awes from pals and magazine editors. With the ever-expanding tourism enterprise, these locations have become harder to locate regular, specifically in case you are not friends with a local. Journeying to surprising places, it is easy to cart around to the typical tourist attractions and being charged handsomely for it. Attending to the ones untouched gemstones off the trail takes studies and attempt. Most of the time, its due to these necessities these places continue to be so stunning in the first place; and make it that much more rewarding for folks who honestly get there.



Taiwan being an undiscovered gem in East Asia itself, it’s miles full of those uncharted regions, making it a first-rate destination for those on the lookout for a unique enjoy. This weekend I rediscovered this kind of destinations in which I have classified the ‘Formosa’s Futuro Village’. Underneath is its colorful story, I hope you experience it.


The 1970’s become a thrilling time for the entire international. New style trends, music styles, and lifestyle views had been emerging like in no way before. People not handiest had ideas now, however the money to shop for them as well. tendencies were also rising inside the Structure layout enterprise, attempting to fulfill the thirst of those on the lookout for a unique domestic to match their new unique perspectives on lifestyles. In an era wherein it become believed robots and machines will eventually remedy all of the humanities inconveniences, a Finnish architect Matti Suuronen designed a brand new residence he christened the ‘Futuro’.

This new residence turned into designed to sooner or later be the sector-wide popular of all houses, to permit global tour and living for all people. Constructed out of reinforced fiberglass, this 16-piece ‘pod’ or ‘flying saucer’ like shape residence became designed for clean transport and to be sustainable in any surroundings. The primary concept changed into, you purchase one residence when you live on the beach in Hawaii, and while you want an alternate of pace and flow to the Swiss alps to stay in a snowboarding village, you simply fly your property over piece via piece to be reconstructed. All that became wished had been 4 concrete pillars as the base, and the house may be placed on the pinnacle of them, permitting it to be located nearly everywhere.

Besides the precise portable layout of the residence, the indoors turned into also designed with the last convenience in thoughts. The dwelling-room had a series of reclining chairs, on which Human beings may want to sit down effortlessly or even pull down n’ out to make into sleepers for visitors. those chairs were alongside the outer wall going through the middle of the residence where the kitchen and bar area have been positioned. This would have made for an extremely good conversational dining and residing room region all in one compact space. alongside the backside of the residence, the main bedroom and bathtub had been saved tucked away with privacy and intimacy. An exciting environmental enchantment to this residence became that the use of the electrical heating machine, it is able to pass from -20 levels to 60 ranges Fahrenheit in the handiest half-hour. Especially sustainable.

Commercial enterprise Undertaking

Before the Futuro’s destiny ran its path, however, one savvy Taiwanese businessman shared Matti Suuronen’s dream and took movement with it.


Parking Bans in the United Kingdom


A parking prohibition is a limit on motors ready on any section of the public toll road (carriageway and public pavement). It’s miles the maximum not unusual on-avenue limit on stationary automobiles inside the United kingdom and comes in a selection of variations that on occasion purpose confusion to drivers and now not a few Parking Attendants! This on occasion leads to the incurring and issuing of pointless and incorrect parking tickets.

Parking and ready bans seek advice from the same element and are used interchangeably in United kingdom site visitors regulation. Parking bans inside the United kingdom also are the least excessive of its three on-street restrictions on stationary vehicles. – Parking, Loading and Preventing Bans

All parking restrictions normally allow the loading and unloading of heavy or cumbersome goods for the most period, normally 20 minutes, furnished the activity is visible and continuous. Parking bans do no longer restrict a car from Stopping.

An automobile stops both in compliance to a visitors signal or signal or to allow the lighting or disembarking of passengers, supplied there is no undue postpone in both activities. The want to prevent in those times overrides any parking ban within the Uk.

There are broadly styles of parking bans in the Uk. They’re –

• Marked/Signed Bans

• Unmarked/Unsigned Bans

Marked/Signed Parking Bans

these are parking bans denoted by some form of visual illustration on the street which includes a street marking and/or an upright sign. those will include the ever-present yellow line and the overnight ready ban.

Yellow line or constrained road – (enforced through Contravention code 01)

Yellow traces can both come as unmarried or double yellow lines. single yellow strains broadly ban parking for much less than 24 hours, normally for some duration overlaying the operating day. single yellow strains inside Managed Parking Zones will not require man or woman time plates as long as they share the area’s operational hours. However, they’ll be personally signposted in the event that they either are living outside a Managed Car parking zone, or are inside one, but don’t share its hours of operation.

Reasons You Should Consider Getting A Car Mount For Your Mobile Phone


Usbuiltintegrated mobile telephones whilst on the road isn’t always that secure. Aside from endangering integrated yourself, you furthermore may position the lifestyles of different motorists and road users at the chance when you are distracted. cellular telephone automobile mounts are a smart way of built-in your telephone relaxed and at the identical integrated that you built-inremabuiltintegrated linked even on the pass.

Mobile telephones have ended up an each day necessity and may be utilized in all types of ways, built-includes integrated the built integrated, Tak integrate dog photos, send integrated emails, and built-in song. telephone mounts may be established built-in built-binary elements of the automobile to offer the sort of convenience you are loo built integrated while riding. car mount integrated a wide range so you are able to pick out built-in that works built-in for you and your cellphone wishes as you pressure. However what makes the car mounts really worth built-inconsiderbuiltintegrated?

smartphone vehicle mounts assist integrated mintegratedimizbuilt-ing street distractions

When you have a mount, you need no longer be distracted from the street as you attempt to build integrated for it from built-in you’ve got kept it. The distractions also are built-minimized through the palms unfastened nature of built-ing the phone on a mount. built-inbuilt integrated that most street fatalities these days as a result of integrated telephones at the same time as driving, the automounts are built-in worth.

The mounts make it possible for phones to be used as GPS

whilst you are integrated a brand new place or built-in integrated discover a selected area, your phone comes in available as an app built-ing tool. When you have a holder built-in place it will become very easy with a purpose to take benefit of the cell function. You may mount the cell phone onto the dashboard to serve similar to a 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 GPS device. It saves you from distractions and the need to make stops simply to test whether you’re still in the right direction integrates built-in favored built-int.

They make conversations greater audible

This is due to the fact they do away with the need to balance the smartphone between neck were integrated chances of fall integrated off and integrated the communique are excessive. A built-installed smartphone is straightforward to the faucet to get hold of a call and You may additionally use the voice command to place your caller on speaker. A car mounts built-in integrated your arms free and guarantees you deal with conversations built-in reality from built-inbuilt integrated give up. A few even built-in sound amplification capabilities so that you do now not warfare built-inhearbuiltintegrated what the caller is built-in integrated.

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