Color via numbers’ apps are dominating the App Store

Summary show Coloring apps have a second. Here’s the Color By Number app in motion: What is App Store Optimization, and the way does it work? How to get my app optimized? 1. Start with the customers Coloring apps have…

Coloring apps have a second.

Of the pinnacle free apps in the App Store right now, 4 of the top 25 are coloring apps – including the No. Three apps inside the App Store are referred to as Color via Number.

At the side of Colorbox, Pixel Art and Unicorn are also dominating the top unfastened leisure apps chart. They make up four of the pinnacle 5 apps on that chart, with Netflix being the simplest non-coloring app, the various pinnacle 5.

All 4 apps bear a hanging resemblance, although they’re made by using one-of-a-kind developers. The apps offer pixelated photographs that are filled with unique numbers. Like traditional “coloration through numbers” drawings, you fill all the squares that have the quantity with the equal shade.

Here’s the Color By Number app in motion:


According to app intelligence firm Apptopia, all 4 apps have a mixed 3.2 million iOS downloads during the last month. Oddly enough, Apptopia determined that coloring book users’ average age hovers around 30 – seemingly, you’re by no means too vintage to enjoy coloring.

One critical thing to note: While these apps are unfastened to download, they are not exactly loose to use. With Color by way of Number, for instance, you may get a loose three-day trial, then the app charges $7.99 in step with the week. There are monthly and yearly subscription options, which price at $19.99 and $ ninety-nine. 99 respectively.

Modern app development is a lot less difficult due to improvement and accessibility of development equipment. Still, it’s also trickier and more difficult to make an app to attract an extensive audience. Earlier, the sources had to be centered on developing a great app, and the advertising changed into completed through usual channels. Still, nowadays, it’s critical to focus on both and devise the right advertising approach as early as viable. One of the greenest techniques to marketing is ASO (brief for App Store Optimization), widely utilized by all successful builders and publishers of cellular programs.

What is App Store Optimization, and the way does it work?

As it became already stated, ASO stands for App Store Optimization, that’s an instead not unusual practice among contemporary mobile developers and publishers. Using this practice, you may be capable of increasing your app’s score and visibility on the market, which in flip drives more installs or sales. By accomplishing the App Store’s pinnacle charts, you’re ensuring that the app remains visible to the customers. More capacity clients are performing increasingly since the user mindset usually states that if the product or service reaches the pinnacle, it must be there for a cause. It’s an excellent concept to peer it for themselves. This method is used by maximum cutting-edge builders and publishers, and almost all the most popular apps used this method to attract personal interest.


When the long and tough improvement system is finished, one expects to see the well-deserved consequences of the hard paintings, but because of the wide variety of apps on the App Store, it’s tough to interrupt via the competition. That’s why it is vital to devise a pleasant marketing approach if you want your app to reach the achievement it deserves. That is why it’s important to entrust the promotional responsibilities to advertising and marketing experts experienced in each app seek optimization and seo. This is performed to make sure that your app complies with the App Store’s phrases and situations and, nonetheless, manages to use them to be had advertising hints.

There are several methods to make the app greater seen in the marketplace, including keyword optimization, asset optimization (which includes an icon, screenshot, and preview design optimization), surveys, a/b tests, person feedback, evaluations on depended on sites, movie star tweets, merchandising on social networks and more. Each case is specific and must be approached carefully.

How to get my app optimized?

While there are various offerings and gear to handle this project, it is essential to remember that looking to handle this project by way of yourself with none previous enjoy and without difficulty cause lackluster performance on the market or maybe terrible reception or even removal from the App Store. It’s vital to understand why the professionals manage the marketing and permit yourself to focus on making the quality app possible.

Without proper optimization and marketing, you will have difficulty getting your app the attention it merits. The market is full of a wide variety of apps, and a maximum of them also depend upon optimization to get the eye of customers. Earlier, these advertising techniques give people the upper hand. Still, they may be important to even the percentages of success and make sure that the target market knows approximately your app.

The perfect answer to ASO’s question is a collaboration with Applied, a provider-centered at the advertising of mobile programs with bendy and person method to each case – extra data right here. It’s advocated to take a look at their services and choose so that it will gain you in every manner. By letting the specialists deal with the advertising duties, you’re ensuring that your app may have a higher, brighter future.

When this sincerely comes to the fulfillment of digital advertising and even finding new customers through the net, key-word optimization is one of the maximum big of equipment you may guess on. The keyword research and keyword optimization is the act of studying, reading as properly selecting the nice phrase or the concept of terrific importance for your offerings, product, or marketing campaign to most effectively target as well as drive visitors from the search engines like google and yahoo together with Google in your internet site and other virtual systems.


Getting the website or even weblog on your search engines’ primary web page like google and yahoo can be a daunting mission in case you clearly do no longer recognize the maximum basics of optimization. Although this precise tutorial isn’t always just ensuring you the first place within the predominant search engines, it without a doubt does point out what one requires to do to be inside the Search Engine Optimization recreation. So, taking the App Store Optimization suggestions, you can without difficulty assist your internet site in attaining a positive degree.

1. Start with the customers

When you’re wondering to generate traffic on your internet site, you need to take the App Store Optimization hints. The first and predominant issue you should do is choosing the right key phrases, after which thinks approximately who your actual goal customers or audience are. What are they probably to type right into a seek bar when they’re actually seeking out the answers in which your products and services can assist them? Why no longer simply ask existing customers what they could search for?

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