• Tech Updates
    All you need to know about heat line technology!

    Several years have been passed, but it is still tough to control the temperature. As the winter season arrives, people have to suffer the temperature lesser than -18°c and sometimes, the temperature goes beyond it. Like many other things, the pipe system also gets a freezer, and people have to use several different mechanisms for […]

  • Automobiles
    Apple meets California officials to discuss self-driving car

    Apple executives have discussed their plans for an “independent vehicle” with officials at California’s motor vehicle department (DMV), the guardian has learned. Consistent with files obtained with the aid of the dad or mum, Mike Maletic, a senior legal recommend at Apple, had an hour-long assembly on 17 August with the department’s self-using vehicle experts […]

  • Tech Updates
    New tech could power foldable speakers, talking newspapers

    Scientists have created a paper-thin, flexible tool that may generate power from human movement and could sooner or later cause foldable loudspeakers or even talking newspapers. The audio leap forward can act as a loudspeaker and a microphone at an equal time. “This is the primary transducer that is ultrathin, bendy, scalable, and bidirectional, that […]

  • Tech Updates
    You need to update EVERY Apple device you own, and this is why

    APPLE has rolled-out a running gadget update for its iPhone iPad, iPod, macOS, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches tool ranges. Here’s the entirety you need to recognize approximately the brand new capabilities. Apple’s remaining night-driven-out software program updates all of its major device classes, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Mac, and Apple Watch. The modern-day […]

  • Tech Updates
    Apple could release MacBook updates soon

    According to Bloomberg’s new document, Apple is set to launch up to date MacBook and MacBook Pro models. The corporation should announce the refresh at its WWDC keynote on June 5. The 12-inch MacBook with a retina show hasn’t been updated in a year. The layout nevertheless works quite nicely, so I wouldn’t count on […]