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    Chrysler Automobiles diesel emissions settlement talks

    Drivers of diesel Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) motors inside the US search for a settlement over extra diesel emissions, reports Reuters. In May, the United States Department of Justice accused FCA of using a software program on some diesel fashions that brought about extra emissions. Talks have now all started between FCA and lawyers representing […]

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    Amalgamation of Art and Automobiles

    ‘Cartist Yatra’ is a visiting exhibition of painted vehicles, automobile-rickshaws, and -wheelers, which brings together artists from India’s exclusive elements to exhibit their talent on vehicles. The annual exhibition is an try to integrate cars with the current art. In the Kochi leg of the occasion, artists depicted Kerala’s tradition via their paintings. The yatra […]

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    Explore the History of Automobiles at These 5 Incredible Museums

    Museum Makers is an incredible source for the history of automobiles. Their website features a series of informative articles about famous automakers. They also provide information about automotive museums and historic auto racing facilities. Learn the history of automobiles at five incredible museums around the world. What is the history of automobiles? And what were […]