A list of metal love songs that aren’t ballads

A love song does not necessarily have to be a ballad, especially when we are talking about such music genre as metal. However, it does mean that you will not come across a love song within the metal genre. Even…

A love song does not necessarily have to be a ballad, especially when we are talking about such music genre as metal. However, it does mean that you will not come across a love song within the metal genre.

Even though it may seem rather surprising, but musicians and bands that describe their music genre as metal write and perform love songs as well. There is absolutely nothing unusual about that as the theme of the song does not define its genre and vice versa. When it comes to music education, the ability to compose songs and to rhyme words matter much more than the theme as the latter is always personal. In other words, face-melting riffs that are so common in the majority of metal songs should not distract you from the actual meaning of the song.

Here is a list of the most popular metal love songs that aren’t ballads:

  1. Sweet Child of Mine – Guns N’ Roses
  2. Snuff – Slipknot
  3. Still Loving You – Slipknot
  4. N.I.B. – Black Sabbath
  5. Closer -Nine Inch Nails
  6. Promises – Megadeath
  7. A Gothic Romance (Red Roses for the Devil’s Whore) -Cradle of Filth
  8. I Just Want You – Ozzy Osborne
  9. You’re Mine – Disturbed
  10. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) – Deftones

Having listened to these songs, you will be convinced that a variety of themes is covered in metal songs – from first love to heartbreak, from injustice around the world to the joys of life. Speaking about vocals and tunes in metal love songs, you have probably covered this aspect during your music lessons in case you have had any. So, a metal love song can contain aggressive tunes or soaring vocals or it can be rather calm. Yet, it still belongs to the genre of metal. Any song is about expressing one’s true feelings. Metal is no exception.

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