Watch Blogger Nicole Skyes DIY the World’s Biggest Beautyblender

Not too long in the past, it becomes a pretty huge fashion amongst beauty bloggers to look what ordinary items may be used in a region of a Beautyblender to use make-up. Some used tough-boiled eggs; others, condoms (blogger NikkieTutorials…

Not too long in the past, it becomes a pretty huge fashion amongst beauty bloggers to look what ordinary items may be used in a region of a Beautyblender to use make-up. Some used tough-boiled eggs; others, condoms (blogger NikkieTutorials even made a spoof video for April Fool’s Day the usage of bell peppers, kid’s toys, and Play-Doh to use her basis). But in April, splendor blogger and viral-venture queen Nicole Skyes took the fashion to new heights, developing her personal model of a Beautyblender — one the scale, more or less, of a volleyball. Since its initial debut, it’s picked up steam — and is yet again making the rounds on our newsfeeds.

Instead of using the aforementioned objects to apply her makeup, Skyes took it upon herself to attempt to create the world’s largest Beautyblender (and, of direction, see if it’d genuinely work). To create the dinosaur egg-sized blender, Skyes procured a massive plastic Easter egg. They used a combination of Flexfoam (a liquid cloth that hardens into a strong polyurethane foam) and food coloring to approximate the texture and color of the OG Beautyblender. After mixing the materials together, she stuffed the egg mold with the new purple foam and waited for it to set. Finally, as soon as the froth had set, she glued the two halves collectively to create the egg-fashioned, jumbo-sized Beautyblender.


Though Skyes admitted that the DIY isn’t sensible (“I just wanted to break a world report,” she explained), the outsized blender did work fairly well to use her foundation: After using the large pink egg to use her basis (a system that appears as hilarious as it sounds), Skyes concluded: “You should do your makeup notable short with this, due to the fact this covers a whole lot of floor at one time. This thing works so precisely, I am so pleasantly amazed!”
Again, sensible? Not so much. But Skyes’ large DIY does make for a quite wonderful watch. Fortunately, there’s extra where that came from, with Skyes’ Giant Bath Bomb DIY being any other have-to-watch. Check out her channel here, and determine for yourself if larger really is better.

The Power Of Print And The Blind Spots Of Blogging

In an ultra-modern Web-pushed area of records, print journalism seems to be a fading name in the game. The introduction of blogging has undeniably shaken traditional media foundations by way of introducing new assets of information. It has challenged the radio scene with its podcast, the tv with its vlog (video blog), and the newspaper’s path with its blog (internet log). The internet has certainly drawn a brand new line of media, and consequently, a brand new rivalry between running a blog and the old.


As the speed of technological advancement hurries up, with thousands of keen people signing up every day for their very own debts, credibility, for plenty, has ended up the hottest problem in running a blog. Since the internet has allowed us to create our own blogs, in websites like Blogger and WordPress, the maximum of the information posted in a single’s blog is unverified, and therefore, unreliable.

A normal non-public blog is maintained via a man or woman (subsequently, personal), and articles are commonly completed unmarried-handily-from making the draft, accumulating facts, and as much as modifying and online publishing. The blogger stands as the writer, editor, copyreader, and publisher all at the same time. Yet, the electricity of blogs to post at an unattainable speed has amazed mankind; however, it has unconsciously compromised every article’s credibility.

On the alternative hand, newspapers are managed by way of a pool of professional and pro writers. Articles usually undergo a sequence of rigorous enhancing before making it to publication-records. Details are double-checked for accuracy; resources must be legitimate and dependable; grammatical flaws are fixed, and all statements are balanced. These things are general procedures accompanied by nearly all newspaper businesses to produce reputable and honest trouble.



From a felony standpoint, blogging is without any constitutional protection and rights as it’s hard to determine how the law might genuinely follow. Print media’s position in the Constitution, however, is quite properly-located.

A blogger housemaid ought to hide in the back of a screen name and defame the president by accusing him of corruption without worrying about going through criminal charges. Since the Constitution does not enshrine running a blog, there’s no particular statute that might prove it illegal. Thus, bloggers have all the freedom of speech within the global, and in their own wills and capacities, they can abuse, overuse, and misuse it each time, even as writers get sued, or even killed, for what they write, and just for ‘doing their jobs.’


Books have over and over shown us how newspapers made their mark in history.

For instance, during the Spanish rule, La Solidaridad and Kalayaan courses, both owned and managed by using Filipino propagandists, had succeeded in unfolding their chronic clamor for exchange and further their dissidence among Filipinos no matter perils of castigation by using despotic Spaniard perpetrators.

Likewise, dictator Ferdinand Marcos had confronted the media’s amazing function in stirring up a mass rebel. Consequently, he ordered the immediate closure of all mass media under Martial Law. Yet, the alternative press, including the Philippine Collegian and a few other countrywide dailies, lived up to their promise and did no longer fail the hundreds; that they had long gone underground and had operated in stealth to avoid detractors.

It is with this lucidity that we see the clean destiny of the blogosphere. Its electricity is unquestionable, but blogging must always stay as a private tool, for there’s no feasible manner it could possess journalistic elements together with duty, reliability, and equity.


Truly, the ascending popularity of running a blog should in no way completely shatter the fortified citadel that journalism has built for many years. Despite regular claims on its ethical decadence, the old media have demonstrated its age-antique worth. And continually, it’ll find a manner to uphold its cause. Over the records’ path, the clicking the conventional print journalism-has continually justified its lifestyles, and no running a blogging force should seriously alternate that.

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