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Vintage Map Shows Santa’s Journey Around the World

Santa Claus is having all types of fun on this map. He’s sizing up a giraffe in Africa, riding an elephant in India, shimmying down the global dateline over the Pacific Ocean, and tightrope-strolling throughout the Equator within the center…

Santa Claus is having all types of fun on this map. He’s sizing up a giraffe in Africa, riding an elephant in India, shimmying down the global dateline over the Pacific Ocean, and tightrope-strolling throughout the Equator within the center of the Atlantic.

The map, titled “A World of Good Wishes at Christmastime,” turned into produced in 1955 by General Drafting Company, a now-defunct maker of roadmaps. “It’s just a conventional,” says Stephen Hornsby, a professor of geography at the University of Maine and writer of the recent e-book Picturing America: The Golden Age of Pictorial Maps. “It’s superb a laugh, and really innovative.”

The map becomes made at a time when the USA was a superpower with a booming economic system. Like many pictorial maps of the mid-20th century, Hornsby says, the map is brimming with American self-assurance, from the significant placement of the U.S. On the world map to the image of Santa roaring thru the night in a massive black convertible in the bottom-left nook. “I’m English and to me, this just appears so American,” Hornsby says. “It displays that secure, center-class American international view of the Nineteen Fifties.”



Everywhere he is going on the map, Santa appears to be seizing the day. He’s doing a handstand atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris, preparing to leap off one of the pyramids in Egypt, peeking around the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe, and harpooning a whale off the coast of Iceland. As he crawls closer to an oasis within the Libyan barren region, the pics a mug of beer (see above).

Some aspects of the map’s Fifties global view appear unenlightened nowadays. There’s the massive assumption that the entire global celebrates Christmas and cherishes Santa, as an instance. And the map’s depictions of people in other parts of the arena tend to depend on stereotypes, from half of-naked natives in Africa to an Australian aborigine with a bone in his hair. “Many of these maps aren’t politically correct due to the fact PC didn’t exist at the time,” Hornsby says. To the quantity that American tradition of the era changed into racist and sexist, the maps are too, he says. “They are a reflection of the USA and the lifestyle for the top and unwell.”

It’s difficult to keep up with the regular pressure for peace in modern day world. Especially in terms of the ‘faith of peace,’ Islam. Let’s take a whirlwind swing thru the headlines in just the past week.

From the United Kingdom, we’ve got… “UK: DEVOUT MUSLIM who served seven years in jail for toddler rape almost beats his teenage daughter and her boyfriend to demise for having sex.” Seems a bit harsh to me.
In Texas we see… “Texas: Women harassed for speaking out on Muslim preacher’s misconduct allegations.” Harassing ladies, I bet could be peaceful?
Heading east to Brooklyn we find… “Brooklyn: Muslim determined guilty of aiding al-Qaeda, supporting construct a truck bomb in Afghanistan.” No count the way you observe it, truck bombs are not peaceful.
Moving east, up and over to Iceland we discover… “Iceland: Muslim asylum seeker, “enraged” over rejection, murders lady.” Seems a totally ‘un-peaceful’ way to react to being dumped.
Back to the United Kingdom where they have a Muslim Mayor in London we study… “UK: Devout Muslim father as soon as jailed for raping schoolgirl beats his daughter and her boyfriend with a hammer.” In any culture that could appear to be ‘much less than peaceful.’
Flying from the United Kingdom over to Pakistan we discover a catch 22 situation of types… “Pakistan: Muslims threaten to murder husband and own family of a female who left Islam for Christianity.” Killing someone for leaving your faith? Come on, is that peaceful?
On our return flight, we prevent once more in the UK to discover… “UK video: Muslims scream “Allahu akbar” and play the sound of explosions to complete extent out of doors a church.” Disturbing the peace is truly not very neighborly.
Before we boarded from our layover in London, we listen… “Muslim father attempted to kill his four-yr-antique son for being “girly.” Don’t care what you assert that isn’t nonviolent.
A short hop over to Scotland and we see… “Glasgow: Muslim rape gang concentrated on women as young as 14″. Gangs? Rape? Peace? Goodness sakes this is horrific conduct for a faith calling itself ‘the religion of peace”.
Next, we head to Israel, Jerusalem to be precise. Here we discover… “”Palestinian” Muslim opens fireplace on Israeli protection officers close to Jerusalem, murdering 3, seriously wounding one.” The religion of peace factor is getting harder to buy.
We cannot seem to fly by means of the United Kingdom without listening to extra ‘un-peaceful’ information… “UK: Muslim suggests kids beheading movies, tells them “If you, in reality, believe in Allah, you may do it.” Showing youngsters beheading movies? Well, hardly ever a good aspect to be doing in essential college if we need them growing as much as be peaceful.

Skipping over to Germany we see that… “Almost half of the crimes in Berlin dedicated by Muslim migrants.” Are those simply terrible odds or need to we question the truth of all the ones ‘religion of peace’ claims?
Staying in the EU with a prevent in Rome we see… “Rome: Muslim attacks couple for kissing near a mosque.” What’s the damage in a touch romance? I do not see the hassle, however apparently, Islam does.
After a long flight over to Myanmar, we are shocked to see… “Myanmar: Mass graves determined Rohingya Muslims massacre Hindus, burn their homes, kidnap girls for marriage.” Enough is enough!
We’re all fed a day by day dose of the mainstream media, CAIR and plenty of longstanding churches telling us that Islam is a religion of peace. There is an old poster I even have that asks, ‘If you have been accused of being a Christian might there be enough evidence to show it?’ An extraordinary query for us Christians ways and extensive. And what a better query nowadays for the ‘Religion of Peace,’ Islam.

Accountability on this international and the world to come back is based on the evidence. The evidence is overwhelming that Islam is whatever however a religion of peace. In any individual of the fifty-two weeks every 12 months you could do a Google search, experiment the headlines and locate what I discovered, or worse. Why are we fed the lie that Islam is peaceful? I do now not understand, however, the answer, when it comes, will outline the destiny of our grandchildren.

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