The internet wants to buy Elon Musk a sofa

Summary show So Elon Musk is feeling the stress. The net, as it’s susceptible to do, has answered. Yes, the net desires to buy Elon Musk a sofa. From the page: This is the sofa he’s sound asleep on I…

So Elon Musk is feeling the stress.

It’s understandable. Production of the Tesla Model three hasn’t long gone as seamlessly as predicted. Musk himself stated it as “production hell” and has taken to working round the clock to help streamline the manner of getting through the extraordinary backlog of cars Tesla has to supply.

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In an interview with CBS, he showed host Gayle King wherein he was dozing: on the office floor. The workplace has a couch. However, Musk claimed it become too “slender,” so he once in a while just slept on the ground instead. (Editors’ note: CNET is owned via CBS.)

The net, as it’s susceptible to do, has answered.

Yes, the net desires to buy Elon Musk a sofa.

They need to shop for billionaire Elon Musk a sofa. Guys, I assume Elon Musk can manage to pay to buy his very own couch.

Nevertheless, a GoFundMe page has been an installation to shop for Elon Musk, a sofa to sleep on, in between presumably excessive around-the-clock shifts constructing Tesla automobiles.

From the page:

Elon Musk is transforming our global to run on sustainable strength and use durable types of transportation. Lately, he is sleeping at the Fremont manufacturing facility so that you can enhance Model 3 manufacturing.

This is the sofa he’s sound asleep on

As a community, we can’t let this stand. Let’s band collectively to shop for Elon a brand new couch to sleep on!

The plan is mostly to hit up Elon Musk on Twitter and send the couch to Musk if he concurs to just accept the gift. If he doesn’t respond, the donations might be given to charity.

The GoFundMe web page is currently at $4,566, way over the $1,000 goal it set for Musk’s couch. What a global we live in.

The Case Against Meditation – Why It’s Getting You Stuck

I was a vast suggest of meditation –

Wake up shiny and early, do some meditation, a little morning ritual, just an undoubtedly comfy start…

You pay attention approximately to it each day now, right? Everybody’s all spiritual and self-reflecting…

But wager what –

It’s All Horse Crap!

People get fixated on the ritual as opposed to seeking out the that means at the back of the act –

You study approximately all those Millennials, sitting on the couch in their mother’s residence, breathing and smiling and thinking to themselves:

“How excellent it’s far to be alive…

What a lovely manner to start my day…

How I love being an entrepreneur and building my business via merely sitting and respiration my way to fulfillment… ”

“Hey, mom, did you buy me my favorite cereal?… “

Now pay attention here, you noodle-moist punks –

What does all that crap assist a small enterprise owner, with a circle of relatives to feed, with personnel to fund healthcare for, and insane earnings taxes killing all of his profit?!

Newsflash, human beings – just sitting there and breathing may not make you an Elon Musk!

The universe doesn’t owe you jack-manure, and a lightning bolt won’t hit you in the head and enlighten you on how to remedy your most significant issues!

As the perfect Gary Halbert said it:

Motion Beats Meditation!

You want to enhance your situation – start moving – our mind is the maximum state-of-the-art looking system on earth. Still, even the excellent hunter won’t capture whatever merely sitting in the cave and thinking about at the which means of existence…

It’s been scientifically established that our mind works better when we’re in movement, so in place of sitting and questioning – pass, take a stroll, or jog.

Another amusing scientific truth (and tip from the direct advertising and marketing legends) –

The analytical wondering is finished in one part of our mind (the Chromium), and the “creative” trouble fixing is carried out in another part of the brain.

Analytical thinking cannot resolve your issues – you need to distract your brain’s analytical part for the trouble solving to kick in.

Note: I wrote “innovative” because sincerely, creativity may be particular from what the general public think it method –

See, creativity does not suggest providing you with something out of thin air – the best god can create.

Human creativity indeed approaches that the mind connects two recognized things in a new manner that hasn’t been achieved earlier.

  • Where do you get the ones matters on your mind to attach?
  • That’s proper – it is in your marketplace.
  • (Not to your online marketer’s mind as he’d like to proclaim… )
  • If you want to discern out why no person’s shopping for your product or services,
  • Then studies your market.
  • If you’re going to provide you with a new product,
  • Then research your marketplace.
  • And if you want persuasive advertising and marketing campaigns

Then check out my new ebook “The Business Owner’s Scientific Marketing Handbook” on Amazon, or read underneath how you could get it free.

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