Teenager who murdered buddy jailed for existence

A youngster who stabbed his buddy to death in Dublin ultimate yr has been jailed for life. Graham McEvoy turned into observed responsible for the murder of 23-year-antique Paul Curran at a flat complex in Crumlin on 16 July 2016.…

A youngster who stabbed his buddy to death in Dublin ultimate yr has been jailed for life.

Graham McEvoy turned into observed responsible for the murder of 23-year-antique Paul Curran at a flat complex in Crumlin on 16 July 2016.

The 19-year-vintage stabbed his buddy in a minimum of six instances because he blamed him for an earlier attack on him.

The courtroom heard that McEvoy left school at 14 and changed into trouble considering that formative years.

He has 22 previous convictions for capsules, tried theft, and motoring offenses.


He also became called a bully and a low-stage drug dealer, and Mr. Curran became afraid.

On 16 July closing yr, he turned into seeking out Mr. Curran, as he blamed him for nearly getting “a stripe,” which means a scale down across the face.

When he located Mr. Curran, McEvoy stabbed him six times.

McEvoy claimed he went to sell Mr. Curran cocaine; however, whilst he asked for the money, Mr. Curran pulled a knife.

McEvoy says he took the knife from Mr. Curran and used it to attack him.

He claimed he began performing in self-defense. However, Mr. Curran’s accidents confirmed shielding wounds and that he was trying to escape.

In a sufferer-effect statement read in court docket nowadays, Mr. Curran’s mother described her son as soft and gentle, and she did no longer consider he had a knife.

Mr. Justice Patrick McCarthy imposed the required term of lifestyle imprisonment on McEvoy.

His defense recommend, Barry White, said that feedback he made to his family after he turned into convicted, “do not worry – it’s only a few extra years,” had been no longer bravado, but said to dispel the misery of his circle of relatives at the existence sentence.


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