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    Blogger spells out the dangers for investors of following crowd

    How nicely are fairness crowdfunding investments acting? It Presso Graphy depends on who you ask. In November, AltFi Statistics published a look at saying that crowdfunded agencies had executed “impressively.” The alternative finance analyst tracked each deal due to 2011, while crowdfunding first emerged, and said that maximum companies that had used this shape of […]

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    Court docs: Microsoft searched through blogger’s e-mail to track down alleged leaker

    Earlier this week, an ex-Microsoft worker was charged with the theft of exchange secrets inside the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington in Seattle. Alex Kibkalo allegedly despatched code and other intelligence approximately Microsoft merchandise to an unnamed French blogger. Within the course of tracking down the alleged leaker, Microsoft searched thru […]

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    Fourth blogger this year is hacked to death in Bangladesh

    Niloy Chakrabarti, forty, wrote under the call “Niloy Neel.” The secular blogger in Bangladesh said he had been receiving death threats for his writings essential to religion. Then, on Friday, police said a collection of attackers believed to be Islamist militants entered Chakrabarti’s apartment building within the capital city and killed him, the associated Press […]