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Tech remorse: worst gadgets we ever bought

As plenty as we love technology, it may Alienation additionally be a downer. With each awful gadget purchase, but rare, we’re reminded that chip-primarily based existence paperwork are bloodless and detached. A touchscreen insists you tapped…

The skeptic’s guide to clever home gadgets

Before you buy any “smart” gadgets, ensure they’re now not dumb. This vacation season, a 3rd of Americans plan to shop for a clever domestic device, according to the Consumer Technology Assn. And nearly 1/2…

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Are Sports Drinks Better or Worse Than Water?

Many sports activities beverages tout an extended list of nutrients and electrolytes on their labels, which makers declare will help hold you on the pinnacle of your sport for the duration of an exercise. But are those drinks truly better than plain vintage water? In trendy, water is quality for…

Fears of new split in world cricket after ‘rival’ boards are registered

The international Cricket Council has launched an urgent investigation after Essel institution, the business enterprise at the back of the now-defunct Indian Cricket League, commenced registering groups with names that appear like rival countrywide cricket boards, raising fears of a destiny cut up in global cricket. The matter was mentioned…


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California corporation computer systems

A production crew by accident cut a fiber optic cable line in downtown Sacramento, shutting down pc structures for 25 to 30 country organizations, the California Department of Technology said. The fiber line is positioned close to 5th and J streets and changed into reducing round 10:30 a.M. Wednesday. Technology…

Nudge theory: when your smart gadgets nag you

Does nagging work? My mom Dba Press might say so, and certainly her reminders to wear a helmet while cycling possibly stored me a cracked skull some years returned. But what if the pokes and prods to do better and be better are coming no longer from someone who actually cares…

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Facebook updates its set of rules to downrank posts

Facebook on Monday said it’ll begin to demote the posts that use “engagement bait” consisting of asking customers to love, proportion or comment. The trade has come into effect starting this week. The interactive summit, which as an example says, “LIKE this in case you’re an Aries!”, are referred to…

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Beyond putting reminders and reading texts, here are six useful responsibilities you could ask a voice assistant to perform for you Apple paved the manner for interactive, human-like virtual assistants with Siri back in 2011. Today, we have a handful extra, like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana, that…

Switch your UK cell network with a text message

Consumers will be capable of transfer cellular smartphone companies by using sending a text message underneath reforms set out by way of the communications regulator. Ofcom stated the adjustments could come into impact in 18 months and make it faster and less complicated for people and organizations to leave their…

Dentist Anxiety – Overcoming Your Fears

Dentist anxiety – or dental phobia – can involve irrational feelings of fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist. This can stem from irrational fears about the dentist, and most people tend to associate the dentist with pain, making it difficult for people – especially children – to visit the…

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