How did top universities and the educational system as a whole survive the coronavirus pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. Top universities weren’t the only ones affected. The whole educational system all over the world had to change and adapt. Both the administration and students had to come up with new ways to keep…

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. Top universities weren’t the only ones affected. The whole educational system all over the world had to change and adapt. Both the administration and students had to come up with new ways to keep up with their schedule and to be able to offer a solution that is going to work. Due to the huge amount of stress and a complete lack of understanding of what’s coming next, some students resorted to using writemyessay services to deal with their assignments. As it turns out, finding these write my essay services is not that difficult. You can simply type “I need someone to write my essay for me” or “write my essay for me for free” into the Google search bar, and lots of results will pop up. However, this is a short-term solution, which means that the educational system needs to offer ideas on how students will receive the high-quality education they expected to get the moment they applied.


Top universities

Such top colleges as Harvard University, MIT, Oxford, and a few others were among the first educational institutions to adapt to the changing reality. The educational process became digital, and students stopped attending classes on campus to stop the coronavirus spread. It was a smart decision, especially considering how long this pandemic has turned out to last. Surely, people claimed that the American education system is broken and society needs a new approach. Yet, going online was the best solution in regards to the situation at hand.

Obviously, there are a few drawbacks to studying online rather than attending classes. For instance, the amount of people willing to find someone to write my essay for me free has definitely increased. However, using a writer’s assistance, my essay service will not be a long-term solution for students who face academic writing difficulties. That is why we need ideas on how to change the educational system to benefit both students and college administrations.

Negative impact

One of the biggest challenges students have faced during the coronavirus pandemic is the inability to structure their life properly and have full access to educational materials. The thing is that not every single book or journal is available online. When campus libraries are closed, students have to figure out a way to deal with their assignments without access to various materials that they need to complete a task. While the new educational system has not been developed yet, some students have decided to help experts at various write my essay services. What they do is type something like I need someone to write my essay for me or type my essay for me free and choose from several agencies that pop up. Looking for help is a logical thing to do when one has no opportunity and no desire to complete the assignment they have been given.

Possible solutions

Coming up with ideas on fixing the problem at hand is not easy as there are tons of factors to consider. Yet, it seems like the most obvious things to do are as follows:

  • Ensure everyone has access to the tools they need to do a study or do their job properly.
  • Come up with a strategy on how to develop online learning.
  • Providing psychological support
  • If necessary, think about options on how to support the most affected students financially.
  • Develop a plan on how to get back to the normal way of life as soon as it becomes safe to do so

All these steps seem very simple. However, finding solutions will definitely be more difficult than it seems. What is more, every educational institution will have its own set of rules. There is a possibility that some of them cannot be applied at other colleges simply because the situation there is very different. What matters is to make sure that the new normal feels comfortable for everyone involved. Any educational institution’s goal is to provide a productive environment for students to study, acquire new knowledge, and improve their skills.



As you have already understood, the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the educational system has been immense. Not every college and university has found a suitable approach to handling the studying process during the pandemic, which has left many students confused about their future. We are still in the early days regarding defining how huge the impact will be on the educational system all over the world. Yet, one thing is clear: it is time to get better at planning if the world experiences something like this ever again. Any educational institution needs to have a backup plan when it becomes impossible to continue living our lives as we used to. We need to be more flexible. We need to know what to do to adapt and how to do it in the best way possible. This is the lesson everyone in the educational system should learn from this coronavirus pandemic.

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