Donald Trump is mad on the internet again

In a few methods, it had regarded like Trump become receding into the sort of normal shitty republican president we realize—a doddering, senile determine honking the proverbial truck horn while the conservative equipment around him tirelessly worked to consolidate wealth…

In a few methods, it had regarded like Trump become receding into the sort of normal shitty republican president we realize—a doddering, senile determine honking the proverbial truck horn while the conservative equipment around him tirelessly worked to consolidate wealth and sell it as salvation to the very people they had been consolidating it from.

But no: Trump is mad again. Not handiest did he take the unparalleled step of firing FBI Director James Comey, under the ostensible justification that he had bungled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, an effort for which Trump praised him time and again at the campaign path. The president additionally, with the sort of open antagonism and malevolently counterfactual phrasing that has become the signature Trump management tone, thanked Comey inside the letter firing him for having told Trump he is not being investigated for his ties to Russia, something that has dogged him for the reason that election and that’s seeming increasingly less like a conspiracy principle and lots extra just like the sort of factor we can sooner or later impeach this blood-sucking clown over, a scant four months into his presidency.

The instantaneous reaction from politicians on each side of the aisle has been the repudiation of the president’s movements, and, as a consequence, it has been met on-line with the exasperated banshee shriek that is the best logical reaction to this presidency. Hashtags together with #ImpeachTrumpNow, #AfterTrump, and #DonaldTrumpIsLyingAgain are, unavoidably, making it to the eyes of our fickle commander in chief, in the element due to the fact he is a mentally ill, TV-addled child 70-yr-vintage. He is online, and he is mad. Early this morning, presumably up at his regular time to move tinkle and watch the primary hour of Fox And Friends even as shoveling meatloaf into his mouth, Trump started the kind of sour Twitter screed that is, at this factor, his signature domestic achievement. He commenced on an accurately cool animated film-villain tone

Donald Trump Is Not My President


When Americans went to the polls in 2016 the arena waited with baited breath. The results came in thick and fast as tens of millions of visitors all around the globe had their fingers crossed. However, it seems what we feared maximum is what took place us. During campaigns, Trump did little or no to hide his persona and capacity to exchange like a chameleon. That is why whilst the final tally became done many human beings’ stomachs sunk. Americans knew that from that day onward things would in no way stay the equal.

The Hypocrisy of President Donald Trump.

There is an African saying that states, “a monkey does not see its in the back of.” This is authentic with the contemporary president. On one hand, Donald Trump says that because of importation of products, Americans don’t have any jobs. He says that his aim is to create jobs for Americans by means of encouraging American based agencies to do enterprise. He is making plans to location heavy taxes on merchandise that come into America from outside. On the alternative hand, Trump’s products which consist of pens, ties, shampoos and mirrors amongst others are shipped effectively into America. Does he plan to relocate his organizations to America too? Does this law observe to anybody – him covered? This hypocrisy is what makes me say that Donald Trump is not my president.



President Donald Trump’s Attack On The American Free Press.

The function of the press in any given society is to show the truth to the public. It is the watchdog with the duty of defensive the interests of society towards malpractices. In the current technology when people in energy use their power to oppress the weak, it’s miles the media which expose such practices. When Trump got here to power, a number of the first element he did change into to push the clicking from the white house. He stored attacking the principle media houses and calling them names. Really? What goes on right here? Who is fooling who here? What is he hiding? Americans are wiser than this. We aren’t fools.

Dictators “Get Started By Suppressing Free Press.”

Any dictatorial authorities always start its rule via muzzling the media. Once they suppress the eye of the society, they have a subject day undertaking their project. Needless to mention, there are people inside the Republican Party who stand for the reality. They have refused for use like puppets because they have a spine. Senator McCain is one such guy. He stood on the truth when his boss attempted to act nasty and said that dictators begin by way of repressing loose press. Do you want to tell me that Trump desires to take us again to the medieval age? Us? America? The world chief? No way – this is why Donald Trump isn’t my president.

Britain Is Mad for Mobile Technology and SMEs Need to Follow Suit


Mobile generation is the future – and landlines are on their way to extinction – in step with new research from telecommunications watchdog Ofcom.

Ofcom’s ultra-modern Communications Market Report revealed that Britain went virtual-mad in 2015 – and that now, in a typical day, the common grownup spends greater time the use of virtual media and communications than slumbering (approximately 8 hours and forty-five minutes).

Seventy-one in line with the cent of UK adults now own a phone – up from simply sixty-six per cent recorded the previous 12 months.

The quantity of Britons using cell messaging services rose from simply 28 in step with a cent to 43 consistent with cent over the identical duration – whilst the variety of landlines used in the UK fell dramatically.

According to Ofcom, even emails dropped in popularity in 2015 in evaluation with cellular-led communication, 4G, and superfast broadband.

The desk telephone is lifeless and Britain is mad for a cellular era.

Evidently, Small and Medium-Enterprises (SMEs) are missing a beat if they fail to faucet into Britain’s tech-obsessed marketplace by means of the use of old gear as a number one method of verbal exchange.

A separate look at performed by way of cloud computing group Exact discovered that 87 in line with cent of UK SMEs do not take into account the desk smartphone a vital workplace tool – and that 64 according to cent of companies fear going out of commercial enterprise inside the next 5 years if they fail to preserve up with cutting-edge innovation.

For SMEs, there’s most effective one logical solution – join the virtual revolution, enhance your communication, and improve your enterprise with very latest in verbal exchange technology.

Maximize High-Speed Internet Potential With These Tips


Most people are dependent on our connection to the net

Many use it for social media and information, a number of us use it for paintings, and all of us use it amusement. Therefore, it’s now not best frustrating, however, can also be debilitating when previously excessive velocity internet begins to falter. These suggestions will help guarantee efficient connections in the course of all ranges of the system, from set-up to troubleshooting.

1) Do in-depth research on business enterprise gives. There are many factors to keep in mind when selecting the excellent plan, together with supported devices, users, and video streaming desires. A regularly disregarded concern is the dimensions of a house. Larger houses with plenty of walls or different obstructions will require an extra powerful excessive pace internet carrier.

2) No count number how appropriate the modem is a poor router can destroy the entirety. Invest in an amazing router with sturdy critiques in boosting capability and regular connections to get the most out of the high-velocity internet.

3) Sometimes the answer is so easy is seems unbelievable. Loose cables, gathered dirt, and overheating can all result in bad connections. All technological gadget should be stored in a managed, easy surroundings to hold the connection robust. A Wi-Fi booster can also assist increase the range of the router.

4) Secure the community to forestall nosy neighbors from hopping at the community and slowing it down. Most agencies inspire non-public passwords after they deploy the high-velocity internet, but they may be set up after installation.

5) Clean up the browser, along with records, cookies, and old tabs. None of those factors will substantially have an effect on the velocity, but the collection of statistics can building up and sluggish down the net steadily.

6) The slowing down procedure is exacerbated when coupled with a plague or malware. Hopefully, an awesome antivirus application will make sure this is in no way a problem. Even then, it is important to put in updates for the antivirus software as they grow to be to be had, as viruses are constantly adapting too. To be secure, complete computer scans with anti-malware applications can pinpoint suspicious programs and assist the consumer in taking away them.

7) Upgrade the browser and pick the choice that excellent fits modern desires. Similar to previous guidelines, an upgraded and streamlined browser maximizes excessive velocity internet processing. Most computer systems allow for more than one browsers to be installed, so testing everyone with favorite programs and websites is a practical manner to go approximately this. No matter the browser, handiest use the tools and plug-ins which might be important, and uninstall ones which are really taking on space.

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