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    Je suis une moto: Traveling Europe on a rented motorcycle

    MONTEPULCIANO, Italy — Gintegratedgerly balancbuiltg on the foot pegs of the big Ducati motorbike, I turned the integrated down a dust-path hill among olive trees and grape vintegratedes. Integrated from a path presented via the bike’s Italian manufacturer wanted to reveal how its off-road antilock brakintegratedg machbuiltintegrated could forestall the wheels from seizbuilt-ing under hard […]

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    The travel industry touts product improvements while charging more and providing less

    This summer, beware of the phrase “new” and its sidekick, “improved.” The journey industry, flush with profits, is touting upgrades to its products now, just as human beings begin to devise their summer season getaways. however, do their “upgrades” make the product better, or are they just arising with smart approaches to siphon even more […]

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    Travel Agency Specializes in Countries Mom Would

    The Chinese travel business enterprise that organized a tour to North Korea for an American pupil who changed into jailed and injured there focuses on “destinations your mom might instead you live far from,” consistent with its website. Young Pioneer Tours, based in Xi’an, China, describes itself as “safe and amusing.” Photos from the tour […]

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    Personalized Tour Plane That’s Pure Rock

    When the Rolling Stones move on an excursion, they’re now not flying coach class with the relaxation of us. Instead, the band jets off in a personalized aircraft this is tremendously sophisticated. Related: Now at JFK Airport: a Rolling Stones Bar Inside a Bunch of Old Plane Parts Even even though the rock ‘n’ rollers […]

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    The worst journey reports in 2017

    Our friends at Traveller have had a busy year of, well, journey. But no longer the whole lot went in accordance to plan. Here’s their grimy dozen of travel woe or vacation spot permit-downs from 2017. BRITISH AIRWAYS I360, UK When the architects at the back of the London Eye decided to construct the sector’s […]

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    New guidelines assist clean away confusion

    On the homepage of Cuba Travel Services, a business enterprise that makes tour preparations for Cuba, a banner announces: “YES, American journey to Cuba continues to be prison!” In the 5 months for the reason that President Donald Trump appeared in Miami and said he changed into reversing all of President Barack Obama’s Cuba guidelines […]

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